• So either way I really like this guy and even if he moves i would love to keep in touch with him, but please anynone I could really use some suggestions or advice on how to get him to open up to me more and be less aloof at times, and should I keep persuing him? I dont want to scare him off but im impatien true aries that i am lol and i dont want to waist time on waiting around to for him tosask me out when i dont mind doing it specially when he is leaving soon I would like to spend as much time with him as I can and he did say he enjoys hanging out with me. So please I would really appreciate your opions and advice on how to make this cancer man really fall for me because i think im fallimg for him. Thank you all goodday or night!

  • Dont know if all Cancer guys is abusive but I know one thing for sure mine was pschologically abusive to me. he told me loving words but didnt act lovingly. He also disrepected me and was very cold. but thast just my ex. I have learnt so many things from this relationship dont know where to begin . I thought that if I left a guy pursue me that was a sure way to prove his love it didnt. I barely texted or call him first and he had complained about it a couple of times I tried calling and texting but I didnt liked it. If ur a confident person I think you can do it but not too much . i wasnt confident in this relationship and and always made sure he was proving himself to me. You can text and call first but give him an opportunity to do it also. I personally never want to date a Cancer again but not sure if its only this cancer or every cancer is like him. After all they are ppl who deserve loving too. Look at his actions more than his words. thats where I messed up. He talked the talk but never walked the walk. His words didnt match his actions. Thats my best advice, some guys may say they only want to be friends but their actions speak something deeper, or he may say I love you and act like he is just hanging out with you, like mine did. never grabbed me and just smacked kissed me or cuddle with me. he acted like we were just hanging out. you see where im going here. and most of all hold your true feelings from him until things dvevloped to where you want. It may scare him away. Hope this hepls you.

  • Sorry the above reply is in response to Zizzlegirl

  • octoberlibra, it looks like you handled your meeting very well.

    lila1965, it took me a while to get my head around to bringing our relationship back to the friendship stage. After years of reuniting and separating because of the same issue over and over again, I concluded that the only way we could move forward was agree to take it back. When we meet someone that we are attracted to mentally and physically, we want to make a good impression so we are always on our best behaviour. However, if we always feel we have to maintain our best behaviour it can put a lot of pressure on both people and it can be stifling. When we relaxed the relationship we allowed ourselves to become more natural and we moved forward without any expectations and without any inhibitions. This probably won’t make sense to a lot of people but this is how we were able to move forward. Everyone has a different level of intimacy that they want to aspire to with their mate, we both wanted to see it all. It’s different if there is an official break up and someone is still hoping while the other one is done, then I agree that’s hard.

    kelcrab mentioned it in his previous post “But Aries had to open up first, Aries put in a lot of the effort in the beginning, he had to break down my walls because I was a typical Cancer, closed up, skidish, a bit passive in terms of love.”

    Although I’m not shy, I am very private so it takes a long time for me to open up and trust anyone. So you can see what our dilemma was.

  • Abuse can be found in any Sun sign, not just Cancer males. I can tell you though that if he is angry at life or with you then he can be quite petulant, even nasty. I also experienced the actions not matching the words but in my case the actions were lovingly and in some ways that can even be more confusing because it seems a little backwards to me.

  • Update: Went over to his house last night to give him his gift. I arrived at 11pm and kept the conversation light, didnt talk at all about relationship. Clock hit 12am, I was the first person there to greet him happy birthday. I wrote a soppy card: On this this day the most amazing and beautiful person ive ever met was born.....happy birthday "G". He was all gushy about that and like true Cancer, he said he isnt beautiful.

    I gave him the painting and he didnt know what to says. He was stuck for words. I explained all the symoblism in the Australian Aboriginal painting I did for him. Even included his family 😛 because they are important to him. Its 5 painting and you can move them around to chage the painting. He was playing with it and said he cant wait to put it on my wall. He say "thank you so much, it amazing, i dont know what to say.................he said it may be worth something one day. He asked for a hug and I gave him one. After he said, he has to get his bag packed and he can give me a lift somewhere. He was off to buy some bread and so I could with him and he could drop me off on the home. We get to the gate, he said could he have another hug, i did but didnt hold on so tight. He asked if I was coming with him and I no, I want to walk. I walked away.

    We live in two different cities and the bus usually takes me an hour to get to his place from mine.

    As I walked away I thought he may come running after me again, which he did once before but he didnt. I kept on walking and I think I will not contact him now. Im going to play it cool.

    What do you guys think is going through his head right now?

  • I am a Gay Cancer Man that has been following your discussion. The dilemma that is created when Libra and Cancer get together is based on the fact that we are more emotional and unpredictable than Libra's..You think as we feel. That is the subtance of attraction between you as well as the main source of tension. Make sure you know that you want before you become inviolved with a Cancer Man as a lover. Unless you are willing to work hard, a relationships between a Libra and Cancer may be more than you bargained for.You need an open communication to his feelings. He does not always understand his emotions and his reactions are not logical. Idf you do not encourage him to verbalize his feelings you will be unaware of and unsympathetic to his needs. Tension will grow as you find him evasive and he finds you unemotional.

    It is Cancer's tendency to read emotional meaning into everything that will disturb your Libran sensibilities. We are men of moods and you will ind it difficult to be sympathetic and compassionate as a matter of form.. Libran's need to understand before they can offer support and often Cancer's have no explanation for the way they feel. Libran's try to analuze or comprehend our moods and usually cannot get a handle on something that has such elusive qualities. By the time you think you know what is going on with us, BAM, the moon changes and we are laughing instead of crying. This quick change of moods mystifies most Librans instead of intriguing them.Keep your wits about you if you decide to pursue this Cancer man or you may end up in an emotional entanglement that will prevent you from taking advantage of the creative and intellectual potential of a Cancerian/Libra relationship.

  • Canceriancurt. Thank you for that insight. Talking to our mutual friend, "G" hasnt dated someone like me before. He has always dated guys who have been selfish, demanding and not that supportive of him. Its usually the others who dump "G" and not the other way around. I guess that is because most people dont understand Cancer.

    I have some waht of an idea about Cancer. I really care for this guy and I know our sun signs are not compatibale but i have virgo moon and gemini rising and he has gemini moon and leo rising. Libra is compatible with Leo and Gemini and Cancer is compatible with Virgo and we both have Gemini in our stars. That has to count for something.

    I know what I am getting into with a Cancer guy. Its just this first stage which is the hardest. He wants to be friends, but has feelings for me.........I can meet others, I can just dump "G" and I can try a few other guys who are interested in dating me. I think I am in love with "G". I know love is something that grows but I feel there is more there and he knows it.

    What do you thik I should do, step away? He was making plans for us to do stuff. Its not like I cant get him to hang out with me, he wants that but its just too hard right now because being a Libra I'm not affraid to put my heart on my sleeve.

  • This post is deleted!

  • He text me today and I didnt respond.

  • Octoberlibra Nice baby keep it up its gonna be hard mind u, but ARE YOU READY, louder ARE YOU READY caz its gonna be a long hard road and only your friends here on Tarot gonna understand your pain anybody else gonna act like u have leprosy trust me I know. My first month of no contact and Itwas really really hard. but i made it tthrough yeah. today is one month. I read somewhere that if the person comes back with the plan of getting back together a firm plan and he wants to solve the problems u were having before . Then its ok to take him back otherwise just being friends gonna kill you emotionally. like i said he sounds like a good person but just wait and see. its a wait and see game now. lol for me. I moving forward no taking back for me. He was a user .

  • by the way just curious to know what he said when he texted u?

  • I seen him Thursday night and I went for Shushi with some friends before going to his house. Firday, "G" was going away with his friends for the weekend. He texted me on Friday saying "how are you. Itaay (a friend) was telling me that he went to the same shushi place but went after i left and he got an upset stomach.

    That was the text.

    I didnt respond to it. Saturday is now over and he hasn't sent another. My friend thinks he will contact me tomorrow.

    My painting left an impression on him. I am not going to do no contact with him. Just going to cool it downa little. I mean I have gone through 3 break ups and tried no contact. It worked to help me move on. My ex of 10 years and i broke up 5 years ago and we didnt talk to each other for 1 year. For 4 years we are still best mates.

    I really like "G". Im scared that the feelings he says he has for me are going to go and he will just remain my friend. He said before he would go from one relationship to another. This time he needs a break. He doesnt want a relationship right now. i was thinking of still hanging out with him at times but try and put the moves on him. I dont know. My friend said dont contact him for two weeks. Let him miss me and wonder what is hapening. I know he is going to call or text me.

  • Congratulations on you one month no contact. I have been there and I know just how you feel. Im ready to make this Cancer mine. Does it sound like he likes me or am I just wasting my time. Our mutual friend says he likes me.

    I have a few other guys wanting to date me. Im not scarced that I wont meet other, I have feelings for him. He said a few times, Im a very good looking guy and I will find my Mr Right. He doesnt really want me to find someone else does he?

  • Its been 3 days since i last contacted "G". He sent the text message on Friday and I still havent replied. Tonight I got a phone call from a private number and when I answered it, they hung up the phone. I wonder if it was him? I have never gotten a hung up call before. It was was weird because it was around 8pm which is when he usually gets home. I dont know if it is him? He hasnt troed to contact me since his last text.

  • I think its started. I was logged into facebook and he logged on for a few seconds and logged off. Whats with that.

  • To be honest some ppl want to leave but thye dont have the balls to say so, they dont want to look like the evil person so firsrt they play the friend card. Just so you wont feel bad. if you get fed up and walk away you are playing right into their hands caz thats what the wanted in the first place. Sometimes these ppl are what you call nice ppl and someyimes they are A**** holes. The thing is I cant put no blame on this guy because to be honest he made his intentions quite clear , its just you not accepting it. I know its hard I have been there , I gave this guy my all. and now I feel like a piece of Sh*t , Im more mad at myself for not seeing through him caz Im a smart person I should have seen it. You will have to give up on this guy sooner or later, but dont rush take your time. You will know when you have had enuff. I still have feelings for my guy but I HAVE HAD ENUFF> I desreve better and so do you. He is trying to avoid you dont know why becaz u two didnt have any quarrels. You think he is mad now becaz you seemed to be moving on????? hmm I wonder. some ppl still want to hang on to the fact that ur there waiting for them. perhaps he cant belive you didnt answer his text when u used to do.

  • "G" seriously doesn't want to get rid of me. He doesnt want to be friends because he hopes I will go away. He has been upfront with me from the begining. We have a mutual friend who said he likes me a lot. "G" has been hurt and doesnt want to get hurt again. Im sure he is just curious. I got a private call and no answer but im not sure its him. He did log in to facebook and logged off. Maybe he was seeing if I am ok. Im going to give it another day or two of no contact. I have a feeling he will contact me. I really feel he doesnt want to let me go. Maybe he was just concern for me. after all, he did message me first and I didnt respond to his message. really I should be the one to message him back but I havent. Im going to see what happens tonight. I'm stepping back and i hope he misses me enough to contact me. If he doesnt Im also moving on. He will contact me. Everytime I say lets me, he says ok.

  • He could also be testing the waters to see how loyal I am. He said he wants someone who wont walk away when things get tough. If he says why I havent been in touch, I will say ive been busy.

  • UPDATE: he just messaged me...4 days of no contact. Message "Hi how are you? Im at the train station. Such a long day. I havent replied yet

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