• If I did something wrong, Im usually the first person to appologise. It all depends on the situation.

    I did something nice for "G" he didn't respond straight away. The best thing I should have done was kept my mouth shut. I'm always doing things bbefore without really thinking about what the outcome will be. It's usually after I do something, I think why did I do that? You idiot.

    Maybe he doesn't realise he has done something wrong.

    I mean, look at "G" and I. What did he do that was so bad to me...........ignored me, didnt respond to a nice gesture I did. I usually do good to other not expecting anything back in return. In this case, I thought he would have at least sent me a text to say thank you. I did write you win, goodbye on his FB wall. Which was a little dramatic and it was wrong in his eyes. I don't see what harm it did. It was up for about 15 minutes, he removed it and how many of his friends will know what it is about? Maybe "G" thinks I should appologise to him for doing that. Im thinking, hell no, you have caused me more pain than a stupid message on a wall.

    Maybe he thinks you are in the wrong.

    If I have been really hurt, I will stay away. I have no had any desire to contact my ex in Canada.

    I said the same thing to "G:" I'm not like other guys he has dated before. He usually jumps in to relationships but this time he is He is not ready.

    I know would be great for him but how do you get that through his head? We need to somehow prove it to them by backing our words up with our actions. How we go about doing that, I don't know. Maybe we should just move on. It depends how hard we are willing to fight for what we want.

    I bought him a pen when he got his job, i did a painting for him for his birthday and I gave him a cupcake on valentines day. I have given him space. I hope he looks back at those things and say, eran is a really nice guy, what was I thinking? He contacts me.

    As the days go on, I drift further away and think he will never contact me.

  • i promise to get back on what you's late here and I got an early appointment tomorrow for most of the day.

    But I want you to follow the conversation going on on page 122/3 and 124 of ASCLAC between SCC and Kelcrab. Maybe that will enlighten you in your own situation.

    Basically what we do as a group of friends is go through the motion of a situation and assist where we can. Feel free to respond there on the many Crab situation. The ones involved somehow in a Crab story are Lua, SV, SSC, Katie, BB, Shorty and Kaplow. Moon(beauty) and Kel are Crabs. Moon is hooked on a Scorpio and Kel is involved with an Aries.

    Talk soon.

  • Octoberlibra,

    I hope you read what I suggested. We tend to get off topic in that thread but we don’t forget what the “issue” is about. We like interacting with each other and not everyone is compelled to answer but who has something sensible to say does. Basically a give and take group.

    Towards what you said earlier.

    What you wrote about “G” not realizing that he did something wrong by not responding right away is something I don’t know what to say about that. I had that with my Libra and it used to get me frustrated but afterwards I figured out that it wasn’t a direct action towards me but he is like that with everyone. He is a busy man. Runs businesses and is a budding musicians. I have seen his schedule and I got to understand. So I don’t know why your guy does what he does...maybe testing/playing games with you.

    But you can’t go and beat up yourself because you have been nice to someone.

    “Maybe he thinks you are in the wrong“

    He can’t think this anymore because I did explain myself and so reached out to him. I find the next move should be his ...IF he is going to make any.

    “I know would be great for him but how do you get that through his head?“ You can’t!!

    It’s sinking in with me for about a year now. So I have no clue.

    You bought him gifts for every occasion perhaps you shouldn’t have done that. I made a cake and bought my guy a gift ONCE and that was around x-mas and the best part of it is he didn’t expect it at all. I had the element of surprise and I used it to my advantage. Did he appreciate it? Yessss he was speechless. Why??? Because I listened to what he liked ( he bragged about how he liked cakes and chocolate) and I bought something that was super personal to him (a pair of cashmere/silk socks). And even got the size right without ever asking him. I also wrote him a personal card stating cryptic how I felt about him. Now the last couple of things were advised by members (now friends) on this board as part of Libra likes/traits.

    I enjoyed doing that for him. He as my former PT has done a great deal for me as well and it was my way of saying thank you. He has asked what I like but I haven’t really answered him because I want to see what he would come up with.

    Anyways...that’s that then.

    Question do you mind we continue this conversation in the other thread?

  • Sure we can continue this on the other thread.

  • Okay cool. I will copy and paste my last response to you so we have a head start there. The chat is now on page 127 so it has to be somewhere there or there after. So this can be reserved for your story if anyone else has an input on it.

  • This post is deleted!

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