Need Prayers Please

  • Hi all, Please say prayers for another friend that is dyeing of cancer. He is also diabetic and has lost one leg, He needs all the help he can get. Please, please, pray for him. His name is Bill Robinette.

    Thank-You so much,


  • Dear heavenly father please hear our prayer and surround your child Bill with the warmth and comfort of your divine love. May his transistion into your loving arms be peaceful and easy as a favourite boat ride across a beautiful pristine lake. Bless and celebrate this man's journey complete now on earth but ready for his reward---soon to be free from pain and running childlike again rejoicing with all his loved ones waiting to great him on the other side. Please ease the pain of those he must leave behind for now--let them feel the joy of his reward on the otherside. Amen.

  • Amen,

    May God's Love surround Bill, his Family and Friends always.

    Hugs,Peace,Love and Light.

    Sheila From Vancouver, Canada

  • My Prayers for Bill and his family and friends my they find comfort in Gods loving arms Tooter

  • Thank-You for your generous prayers, In times like this, we need all the help we can get.


  • Blmoon,

    I have read some of the things you have wrote on here to help people, and I am amazed at how good you are.When I read what their response is, they say your right on the mark.

    I would like to know if you can tell me what you see in the future for me. I know you are very busy and if you can't get to me, I will understand. I need to get my life back on track and don't really know how to do it. I'm doing much better then I was but there is still something that I feel I should do or know.

    Thank-You so very much,


  • 10gemini06

    I'm on a break but will answer your post. Weird though as I feel like I have already addressed your question--if not directly perhaps I wrote to another the same answer perfect for you as well. Spirit shows me LETTING GO--it's a big sign! You are butting heads big time with this. I'm asked to share this personal moment with you. My son passed two years ago on the fourth of July. Somewhere in the daze of following days I received a box of his belongings--including his shaver. I picked up that shaver trembling--knowing his scent was there--thinking how many times I had cut his hair myself--how each mother knows that divine sent of each of her children--that scent now GONE? I couldn't resist as painful as it was I just had to raise that shaiver close to my nose all the while a strong voice in my head knew better--said don't do it don't do it but I couldn't stop and just as I put it to my nose I heard my son yell "MOTHER" in a most repremanding tone--throw it in the trash now! Right now! And I did. And he was right. I saved several of the gifts I gave him that he kept but there is a line you must draw when holding on to the pain. Surrounding yourself with loving attachments is one thing but that scent was asking for way way too much pain and had I not tossed it in the trash right then I would have never been able to let go of it and it is the reality--his earthly scent--body IS GONE. There is no hanging on to that without gathering stagnate pain. You must let the relationship blossom into something new as it is different. If you keep mourning the way IT WAS you will be frozen and unable to move forward into what it is. You cannot grasp the reality of his presence because you cannot define it yet as something different. You must become friends with change. There is meaning in loss if you can find the change it brings to you in the most enlightening way. This is the contract we make with our loved ones before birth. To give his life with you meaning you MUST find the gift. How will this change you for the better? It's how we honor our loved ones crossed over. Usually it is our task to cultivate in ourselves the very thing they brought into our lives. They showed us how it was done then left and said here now you integrate my gift into yourself. Simply said--the very thing you miss most in your loved one is the very thing you must now grow within yourself. I sense too much isolation in you--too much in your head. You need more connections with others in a giving way. You've heard that angels come through the mouths of strangers and that speaks loudly to you. Spirit says volunteering would be great for you--specially in a hospital setting. Because your problem comes from a holding onto energy you must find giving outlets. Volunteer work will take you to the next level you are reaching for. Right now you feel very stuck. Embrace CHANGE and it will lead you out of this rut your stuck in. Blessings.

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