Captain can you do a reading for me

  • Hi know you are busy, but I was wondering if you could do a reading for me. I have been going through a really bad time financially. It seems no matter how hard me and my husband work, we just can't catch up on all the bills. They are just piling up. It is really starting to cause a real strain between the two of us. My question is do you see anywhere in the near future for things to finally start going our way. My birthday is 3/30/1967 and his is 5/16/166. I would greatly appreciate if you could help me. Thank You

  • There can be a lot of conflict and power struggles between you two which can make it hard for you to come to a mutual agreement on anything, including your finances. You both often pull in opposite directions about family issues, creating instability. You both need to work together on this and not allow each person to go their separate ways. Sit down and come to an agreement over a financial plan. You to need to have more emotional sharing going on between you. A united front is what is needed here - not two people working against each other or in opposite directions. Use your competitiveness to inspire each other to come up with better financial ideas and ways to save money. Don't let any selfish desires, stubbbornness, or immature impulsiveness get in the way of financial security. You may both have to make sacrifices.

  • captain, Now that my life is without any drama can you tell me what you see for my future reguarding fianicial status, love life, my home life

  • oh my birthday is 2/3/57 sorry

  • Thank You Captain, you really did nail this one. We do tend to butt heads all the time, especially in the last few months. I believe alot of it is my fault. I have others issues with my husband that are stopping me from really connecting to him lately. I will definately try harder on my end and talk to him. I really can't live like this for to much longer. Again thank you for your time and insight. I greatly appreciate it.

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