Hello Captain about new job

  • Captain I do apologize the job that I am applying for is the Police Dispatcher for the Anaheim Police dept. I know that my health would not let me do the things that I really would like to do.

    ANd I do apologize if I did not put that right the other day. This is the one that I am going to apply for. I think that I would do a very good job as a dispatcher I would just have to learn not to let my heart get in the way. Because if a kid called I would be trying my best to make sure that what ever it is they are saying is true. But I do think I would be awesome at this kind of work. So what do you think about this one. I have applied for so many job and nothing and I am getting so upset because I have the experience to work customer service or data entry and nothing. Well I am not going to give up I am going to keep on pushing for something will happen good for me and my babies. Thanks so much for listenig to me.


  • No, I do not think you would be able to put your emotions aside and be objective enough to be a police dispatcher. You need work where you can get involved, where your heart and compassion can really be used. I think when it comes to looking for work, you are following a fantasy rather than looking for something you are capable of doing. In life and love, I think you are attracted to glitzy images and exciting adventurous prospects, rather than to what really suits you. Ask someone who knows you well and whom you trust to give you honest feedback what they think you would be best at.

  • Hello Captain

    Thank you so much. But I do think I would be good at working in police work if I did not have health issues. And I do understand what you are saying and it is true that my heart would get in the way. But I think I could work that out of the way. lol But thinks so much for everything you have told me. I will have some things to tell you later in the month.

    Again you are awesome and thanks for being honest with me.


  • Hearing the terrible things that come the way of police work would break your tender heart if you had to put up with it daily.

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