Captain I have a question about Stevie

  • Happy Fourth of JUly Captain

    Hope you are enjoying your fourth of july. I can't believe it is already the seventh month of the year. That means I will be one more year older. But that is not what I want was asking about.

    Captain I found out that Stevie and them will be doing a show before the one on the 28th. This one will not be as big it is at a casino. But all the same groups will be there. And like I said it will be nice to see alot of my old friends. Because all the groups that are performing I know. Some of them not as long as I knew Stevie but long enough. My question is do you think this would be better place for me to try and get too see him. I think it won't be as many people as it will be at the greek theatre. So I am thinking this would be better for me to go and see him. What do you think. It is on the 26th of August.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • What exactly are you hoping to achieve from meeting up with Stevie?

  • Hello there Captain

    I just really want to start hanging out like we did before. I know it won't be like it was exactly like before but I would like for us to hang out sometimes. I really do miss hanging out with him

    and just being friends again is what I miss. I miss the long hours on the phone and the crazy things we did. With Stevie I can be Illona the real me. There is a side that alot of people don't know about me and he knows that side very well. Even if we don't have sex that is cool too. I just miss my friend. And we had a awesome relationship we were friends first and then we became sexually active. I miss the late hours on the road and running for the planes and just being up late and go from place to place. I have done those days with him for a very long time and then it had to stop because I had to take a little vacation. But now that I am back I want that back. When I talked to him last year he told me what he would want and what he would not want. And he told me that we could and maybe we could not have sex. Because there was some things that I did not know about and he told me. And ask me how did I feel about it and I told him how I felt that it would not be a problem. And he was telling me what he want if we did see each other I don't know maybe he just want to see what I was going to say but I really miss him. For the first five years that he was in the group Stevie and I was doing the most. He was the first guy that i took pictures with you can know how. He was the first guy that I did alot of things with. I miss all of that, like I said I don't want to get married or anything I just want us to be friends again and if we do have sex so we do. That is all I want so do you think we can be friends

    Thanks Illona

  • Hello Captain

    You asked what do I want. I want do some of the things that we did before like when he is finished with his show we would leave before everybody in the band and go back to the hotel and then we would leave and go to another place and then sometimes he would rent a car and we would leave before the rest of the band and go to the next city. We would go too the studio and be there all night till the next morning. I miss those days. I know that I could not do everything that I did before but some of the things I can still do. That is what I want when I see him again. I want my friend back. Am I asking for too much. He can't call me because he does not have my new number and his cell phone number I had is no longer working. I guess I could ask Mark to give him my number but I guess I will just wait till I see him in Aug to do that myself.

    So that is what I want when I see Mr.Shockley. So do you think he does not want to see me or what. I already know that MR. Shockley has other women in his life. He as always had other women but him and I have always had a good relationship and there was no lies. And that is what I really like. I can be truthfully with him. And he is that way with me. And we talk very well with each other. He is not afraid to talk. And I am not with him.


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  • Hello notshy2bme

    I did read your blog and wow you are really a very strong person to get on here and talk about yourself like that. I do understand what you are saying. But you know something. I am very careful about what I do and I hope that he has been too. I would not just trust him and not be protected and I do know that you can be protected but there is still things that you can get.

    Thank you so much


  • Illona, I do feel you must try and contact Stevie first and ask him if he wants to meet up, rather than just showing up on the day of the show.

  • Hello Captain

    Ok I will do that. I will see if I can get a hold of him when they are in Alamaba. And see

    if I can talk to him before they go for sound check. But if not there I will see if I can get one of the guys in the group to give him my number.

    Thanks again like always you are awesome.


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