Help interpreting something, since I'm just starting (Well, morelike confirming)

  • I'd like some confirmation because since I'm not used to doing readings, I need some confirmation with interpreting so I can boost my confidence in my reading a bit. 🙂

    So I did a reading on my relationship with my friend, stated my intent clearly ''3-card spread, Past/Present/Future.''

    I got:

    Past - 2 of Swords

    I saw this as standing at a crossroad, considering the image on the card. Waiting for something to stir the tide in one way or another.

    Present - The Tower

    Luckily (well, NOT luckily at all, but still, gotta think positive), this seems pretty easy to interprete. Things are getting destroyed, and everything's going back to zero.

    Future - 10 of Swords

    The man on the picture seems more than dead... So I assume we will soon stop talking to each other. Period.

    I drew 1 more card for clarifying the meaning of the reading:

    Result - 5 of Pentacles

    I assume this reading is telling me that, while these are tough times (poverty, old age, disease in the card image), life goes on (unlike on the 10 of Swords, no one there is DEAD), and better times will come, even if me and this friend of mine no longer interact with each other, since our relationship will be DEAD and can't come back to life.

    I have a big doubt though:

    The 5 of Pentacles... Since I was asking about the relationship, is it an advice for me like I assumed, or does it mean that these three cards mean bad times, and that in a more distant future(a future after the card for ''Future'' - 10 of Swords), we can rise from the dead again and slowly improve things, although not instantly(Because 5 of Pentacles is clearly less negative than 10 of Swords, although it's still quite negative)?

  • Good morning from Las Vegas, HD! And Happy 4th of July to you!

    The first thing that popped into my mind as I read your post was: what deck are you using?

    The images on the cards tell parts of a story; when woven together, they tell a complete story. I'm curious as to the deck you use only inasmuch as the images in different decks nuance the reading. It sounds like you're using a fairly traditional deck; am I correct?

    I have been a student of Tarot for almost 20 years and luckily, I connected strongly at the get go with the Rider-Waite deck (or as I prefer to call it, the Coleman-Smith deck). It has been my friend and ally all these years, despite the fact that own a number of different decks. I always gravitate back to C-S.

    First of all, you've got two pips surrounding a Trump. Pips are like the little blips on the screen of life, the ups and downs, the things that come and go, whereas Trumps ALWAYS indicate karmic or destined situations (as do Aces and Court Cards).

    Both of the pips you drew are Swords, the "air suit", the suit of the Mind.

    In the Rider deck, a woman is seated holding crossed swords, but she's blindfolded. Normally, two is a number indicating balance, but in this case, because of the blindfold, she's balancing, but without any true clarity.

    If I had done your reading, I would ask you if, in the (recent) past, you and your friend had attempted a meeting of the minds as friends, but it didn't work? You two were somehow never on the same wave length mentally. Are you following me? Does this resonate with you?

    You are spot on about The Tower. And it's a karmic or destined situation so there's no escaping it; you have to meet it at some point and you can do so kicking and screaming or with grace and equanimity (remember, the Trump that follows the Tower is The Star, new light in the darkness, new clarity, etc.).

    The Tower is not a card to feared. It acts like the Eye of Shiva or the planet Pluto, sweeping away the dead debris to make way for something NEW and BETTER. The Tower hits suddenly and is often explosive and uncomfortable, but it passes just as quickly (luckily).

    Your friendship has obviously hit rock bottom and something new and better and different is on the way. However, that's not to say that your friendship will survive and perhaps that's for the best. What's the glue that holds you together as friends? Is it a relationship worth pursuing? Is it life giving or death dealing? Only you can decide that.

    Nonetheless, the Ten of Swords (the culmination of this mostly horrid suit) doesn't bode well as you indicate. You two are mentally "dead" with one another; there's no where else to go. You've hit a brick wall, the dead end.

    Finally, you drew yet another pip. This time in the "earth suit", Pentacles. It makes perfect sense to me that this card of poverty, lack, death, decay, on the earth plane would turn up as the result, for Pentacles obviously rules "friendships" in the larger sense as an earth plane "thing". However, the finer tuning in a relationship would logically occur Tarot wise with the suits of Cups or Swords (i.e., the emotions or the mind).

    Yours was not a lovey-dovey, emotional friendship; it appears to have had more to do with your mental states than anything else. Were/Are you two mentally competitive engaging in mind games or oneupmanship?

    If you decide to pursue this friendship, it will have to be on TOTALLY new grounds. The Tower will see to that. If you decide it's worth working on, it's time to get into a new realm with each other EMOTIONALLY (and watch your future readings about the relationship turn into Cups rather than Swords). After all, isn't that REALLY where the heart of relationships lies? In the realm of emotions (Cups).

    Love is the answer, HD. If you need to sever do it with love. If you choose to pursue the friendship and make it grow stronger, do it with love. Stop with the mental doo-doo and learn to appreciate each other with your HEARTS (omg, Cups again!) and maybe, just maybe, in your next reading you'll find a nice Six of Swords instead of the ones that precede and follow it.

    My best to you and peace be with you. Blessed be.

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