Dear Captain...

  • Dear Captain,

    Its taken me awhile to get up the nerve to ask you these questions. I'm not sure I want to know but I read your thread on the ethics of readings and I know you are always gentle in your responses. I trust that you will tell me what I can handle.

    Me: 8/7/66 Him:2/23/64

    1. There is a connection between us. Will it bring us together or eventually drive us apart?

    2. If this connection drives us will it happen. Slowly over time or right away?

    3. Will continuing to reach out to him help? Or is the ball in his court and all I can do is wait

    4.Will we always be in each other's lives in some way or will we part ways for good?

    Thank you

  • Dear Captain,

    On second thought, please disregard my request. I'm not ready to know any of this yet. As you can probably tell. My apologies

  • Dear Captain,

    i hope you can enlighten me on my next move: must i stay married or get out fast for it seems to be a loveless marriage anyway? Been married for 22 years and have reached a dead end it seems. My husband's dob is 10/10/61 while mine is 22/08/59. How will the kids (4 ) cope if we eventually separate? I fear for my future happiness and material security, starting all over again. Will I find my soulmate/true love after my separation from Hubby? Please help!!!

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