Past-Present-Future reading, confused.

  • Hi everybody! I just joined and have been trying to practice tarot for a few months now. I have a question about a couple of readings I've been doing that have been turning up with similar cards, though I don't want to misinterpret them and feel that I have been.

    They are love questions. The first, "Will we end up back together sometime in the future?" - In the past-present-future, future cards are always pentacles. First 9, then 7. I tried to read up on what those cards were saying, and felt like the meanings were all mixed up and had a lot to do with material gain. The second question was: "Will he want me back?" (he is with somebody right now). In the present I got a card indicating revitalization and love and energy, though I completely forget which one it was but it was always similar.., and in the future I either got reversed Empress (twice), and other reversed that was basically giving the same sort of impression as reversed Empress (using Illewyn's online tarot). I'm confused by what these mean in regards to the question. Reversed empress means infertility, some descriptions say depression and doubt. I don't know if I should read that in relation to the cards in the present that say "love, joy, etc" or in relation to the question directly which point towards infertility and doubt (meaning not nurturing those thoughts). Insights?

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  • Cloudwatching,

    I can appreciate your conundrum. It's all rather confusing and that's my point: it doesn't have to be this confusing.

    First of all, there are NO reversed cards. Please simplify your life and only read upright cards.

    Second, when did you do this spread? Has some time passed? And the reason I'm asking is because I'd like you to do the spread again, only this time I want you to reframe the question as follows: How does our relationship look aspected at this time?

    While you're shuffling the deck, think about all the things you mentioned above that you need answers to, but keep the question as simple and general as possible. Then draw your Past-Present-Future cards. They will give you all the information you need.

    I might also suggest that you do an Either/Or spread with six cards. Three for one option and three for another.

    Keep things as simple and general as possible and let The Universe do its work through the cards.

    Is this relationship in your best interest? Do you really WANT him back? And, he's in another relationship...

    If any of this resonates with you, try it out. If not, dismiss it.

    I will be very curious to see what you come up with when you simplify the question and ask it in a more open ended way...are you following me?

    And I would be more than happy to help with an interpretation if you need it.

    Peace be with you, dear. Blessed be.

  • Thank you for your reply 🙂 I tried for a more general question, but perhaps it was not simple enough? I simply asked "What does he feel or think of me?"

    Past - Devil

    Present - Six of Cups

    Future - Two of Cups

    This is quite opposite from what I was getting before (It was about a week ago, I was trying once per day).

  • Again, I think you're clouding (no pun intended) things a bit.

    Had I been you, I would have asked the question "What does he think of me?" and then drawn just ONE card. THE PRESENT, because really that's all that matters and that's all we have.

    The Past doesn't really matter at this point, does it? And the future is some unspecified time that hasn't arrived yet. Keep things in the now.

    And try to keep the focus on yourself rather than your ex. There's a bit of neediness and obsession coming through your posts that you may want to look at. As I alluded to in my first post, it appears that he's moved on. Perhaps it's time for you to do the same.

    Keep it simple. Let some time go by and then try the past-present-future spread with the question I suggested above. Let me know the results if you'd like and your interpretation.

    You're on information overload, CloudWatching. Take a breather and get a fresh perspective.


  • Thank you, gwalchma.

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