Is there a meaning to this?

  • I keep seeing the numbers 815 everywhere i go, whether it be the time on the clock, a license plate of a car that happens to cut in front of me, etc.... but it doesnt always have to be in this order, it could be 518 or 158. It also just so happens my birthday is 8/15! It's been very strong lately and cant take it anymore! Would anyone be able to shed some light on this please???

  • I have personal numbers also. I would play them in games of chance, if I were you. Just one of those things though. You probably see fifty other numbers but have no affinity to those numbers, so ignore them; then along comes your number and you take notice. Track and play lottery with it, that's what I like to do with my numbers.

  • Hi Lisa, I'm not a numerologist. If you add the numbers, it becomes 5. This is a number that also assigns itself to me. I interpret it as change. Also, if you add my birthdate 2/3--it's five also.

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