Your Preferred Psychic Method

  • Psychics use a variety of methods to catalyze their psychic intuition. Some rely on clairvoyance to relate what they see in distant places or even distant times, while others are empaths who tap into their clients' (and their clients' loved ones') emotions. Some psychics turn to traditional tools like Tarot, Astrology and Numerology for perspective.

    What methods have worked in readings you've experienced? Which of the methods, whether listed above or not, most interest you?

  • How wonderful that has created this forum!

    My spirit name is Ahliyah and I'm a psychic over at Keen. My other spirit name is Shira-ran-ka-ran-ti-ta-ra, so you can see why I've chosen to use AHLIYAH! Overall, I use clairvoyance, with a bit of help from Tarot , and my spirit guides, who are always happy to help out. Downright thrilled, actually!

    I love being psychic, although many many years ago there was a period of time during which I wasn't sure I liked it one bit. Being an empath was difficult to adjust to, but the ability to read others' feelings and to delve very deeply into my own being is a well developed talent I wouldn't trade for anything. When I lay down (usually at bedtime) I am able to do remote viewing. This is currently undeveloped, but I am fascinated by the process and continue to study it. I am clairaudient as well but this kinda drives me crazy, so I haven't chosen to develop it.

    For the most part, I can tune into another's energy and emotions instantly; in my personal life, I can deeply understand my son's needs, give my spouse an understanding of his boss's "issue" at work, and cross the street when someone's energy is highly negative. So, do I use my abilities in my daily life? All the time!

    I'm new to Keen, but, as I have in the past, I'd like nothing more than to develop relationships with my clientele. I firmly believe that the path to understanding lies in developing and nurturing our connections with people. As my mother used to say, (God bless her soul) People are the only thing that matter.


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  • Ahliyah,

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  • I prefer the always guides me straght and true!

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