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  • Good Afternoon Captain

    Illona here again. I would like know what you think. I am applying for the police dept of Anaheim. I was wondering what do you see for the out come about this job. And I was wondering could you tell me what you see about the job I when for the interview in May. It was for UPS and I have not heard anything from them. And I have emailed them and nothing so does this mean that is will not be a company that I will be working for. I really would like to get into the police dept because I want to get into the fraud dept and from there I would like to work with the gang unit. What do you think about that. And one more question. I am going to start back too school from my medical break do you see me having a problem with them giving me my financial aid this month. Thanks so much Illona

  • I think you have unrealistic expectations about the police force. Your state of health and the fact that it would take many years to get to work into the fraud or gangs divisions makes your plans unlikely to succeed. It's more likely you would be put into office admin. If you really want to help people, why not try for work in a charity or other service organisations? I think you need to make a more realistic assessemnts of your abilities and what you really want to achieve in life. i do foresee some financial problems for you if you don't get a job.

  • hello captain

    I do know about my health issues i would like to work in the office like on the computers that is what i should have told you. I do know that I can do what i really want to do so ha is why i apply for he adminsrate assist in those depts jus doing paperwork. So you see me having a problem with my school giving me my financial aid this month. i really hope that i get my ssi then i wont have to rush into working. Again thanks for your help


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