Moving forward and reconnecting to life.

  • After a very difficult three year period, I am now desperate to find a way to move forward and feel more connected to life again. Just want to get back to 'normal', that is being content in myself and getting on with life. Would really appreciate a reading.

  • What would it take for you to be content with your life as it is now? What changes need to be made?

  • My partner of 17yrs died in October 2007. A friend of ours who we had both been close to for 20yrs was there for me,we became closer than ever and moved into a relationship in March 2009. After an idyllic first few months, it became difficult, we both tried hard to keep it going, but it finally ended in March this year. Because of the way it ended, there is now no contact between us and I feel as if I'm going through another bereavement. I can't see me being able to ever speak to him again, and feel bereft ast the loss of the friendship. I really do want to move forward now with my own life, but just can't sreem to stop dwelling on the past. There is nothing in particulaar in my life to make me discontent, I have family who I am close to and some very good friends. I just feel as if I'm not really connecting to anything, just going through the motions. I just want to feel that connection with life again, to be grounded and content with what I do have, just the ordinary everyday things, and stop feeling that there is something missing. My dob is 7th June 1948, his is 23rd May 1963. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you for your response, chefjessie

  • p.s. I am interested in knowing about spirit guides, I was once told that Archangel Raphael is my guide, and I also feel my partner very close to me at times, he seems to communicate with me through music as he was a musician, but I haven't felt him very close recently. Do you know how I can learn to know and what my spirit guide/s are telling me and advising me/

  • Hi cj,

    I realllly resonate with how you describe how you're feeling.

    Man, I'm not gonna even try to describe the intensely rough period in my and my family's life, starting April 2007. It's all resolved or resolving at this point...and I am not having the "can't stop dwelling in the past" thing. However, I am trying to be positive and grateful ( and doing pretty well with that! 🙂

    just finding it VERY challenging to get/stay motivated at all! I've always been a procrastinator, but this is ridiculous! I do feel like it's gotta be like PTSD...?

    The inability to feel really connected...the general torpor is annoying the crap outta me!!!!!

    I'm quite happy, except wicked denture trauma...all's quite good! It's not feeling unhappy for me, I truly am grateful for all my blessings. And I choose to be positive-well, I'm learning! 😉

    it's this effing lack of focus, the lack of motivation!!!!!

    I feel kinda burned out...

    I'm so sorry about your loss of your partner.

    Well, dear, just letting you know you're only human!

    Oh, I hope the past stops bugging you! That's such torture! 😞

    let's just keep going and say YES to accepting life as it is. We can move on then, I know it!

    I'm 10/30/55.

    Good Luck, girlie goo! I find it helps to see the humor in life!!!

    Gives me some energy...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    Sending Love and Strength,


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  • Chefjessie, your life lesson is to learn to detach yourself emotionally when times get tough. You have such a deep profundity of feeling that you are easily wounded by criticism, other forms of carelessness, and life traumas, particularly the loss or death of loved ones. Because of this, you may prefer to live behind the scenes or in some sort of retreat from life. However your tremendous inner resources - your empathy, seriousness of purpose and strength of character - can be used to help others who are undergoing a similar struggle.

    You can choose to become angry, defensive, resentful or jealous, dissolving into self-pity or self-involved hysterics. Or you can rise gracefully above the fray, remaining calm, aware, and concerned for others. This will be difficult to do because, being feeling oriented as you are, you take all your own troubles and those of your loved ones to heart. But it can be done because, despite your sensitivity, you are a fighter by nature. You don't back down and will continue on to the end of any conflict. Once you learn to separate your feelings from what is happening around you, control the urge to escape, and develop a more philosophical approach, you will understand the value of detachment and be able to carry on a more public life. Once you find something to excite and interest you in the present and the future, the past will no longer have such a draw for you. You will find a way to surround yourself with all that calms, soothes, and heals you.

    Early conflicts or a lack of understanding of your sensitive nature when young may have left you with an "Ugly Duckling" attitude. You may have a belief in your own awkwardness or have developed some rather defensive attitudes about your unique abilities. Your need for acceptance may result in wounded feelings, an impulse to withdraw, and a number of experiences with rejection. Yet if you develop the capacity to transcend trials with greater spirit and to detach yourself from criticism and anxiety, you will be able to step into the role of teacher and to share your ideas with the world in a compelling style that is without equal. Your grace under fire and charm can inspire, motivate, and teach by example. Ultimately you will exhibit leadership skills, whether in managing a family or a social or professional group. Known for your fairness, you will be sought out for your highly objective opinions which will make you an excellent consultant or troubleshooter. Life puts us through situations and experiences so that we can gain understanding and the knowledge of how to help others. Turn your sorrows and acquired strength and wisdom outward so that they may be a guiding light to those in need.

  • Wow Captainia!

    Nail on head you r just channeling, somehow...

    Keep going...sending Love and Thanks!

    Lisa X O X O 😉

  • Thank you so much Captain, for your time, energy and thoughts. Your reading is totally correct and I have been struggling with all the things you mention, for many years, but have only just come to an awareness of how my traits etc have affected me and my relationships, and am now working on my self image and trying not to be so defensive.Your reading relly gave me hope that I will come through this process and be stronger for it.

    I still really miss the friendship I had with the person I mentioned in my earlier post, and wonder if there will ever be any communication between us again. I would also like to know if my partner who died has any message for me. Thankyou so much again for your responses, they are really appreciated. chefjessie

  • Thank you Lisa for your comments, luv the 'girly goo' bit. Hope you are feeling strong. Keep believing.

  • Chefjessie, I feel your friend has moved on with another woman already so I don't see any chance of reconciliation or communication anytime soon. Your partner sends his loving energy in the hope you will find true happiness and be able to get over his passing by remembering only the good times you shared.

  • You have such insight. Yes, my friend is now in another relationship and I am working on acknowledging that and putting our relationship in the past. What is so hard is that he and my partner were my two best friends and now I feel that I have lost them both. I miss them both so much. Thankyou for the message from my partner, and for your care and support at this really difficult time for me.

  • Hi Captain! I posted some thoughts foryou in another thread. I hope to get a reading from you as recommended by one of the active bloggers around here! My DOB is 22/08/59 at 5AM. What do you see in my present and what the future holds in my personal/professional life? Thanks for the time and effort to address my issues.

  • Angela168, can you please start your own thread as Chefjessie may want to post more here. Go to the top of the page and click on "Create a new topic".

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