2 simple questions on Tarot(URGENT PLEASEEE!)

  • 1: Who shuffles, and how? The reader or the querent?

    2: Who picks the cards, and how? The reader or the querent?

    3: How do you determine if the card's reversed or upright? From the querent's point of view? Or the reader?

    Im kind of in a hurry 😛

    Thanks in advance!!!!

    :Runs to supermarket:

  • hiddendiamond

    first and foremost, that was 3 questions

    And the answer to all 3 questions is. Totally up to your preference, we all have our own styles

    I for example, shuffle the cards then fan them out, from there i ask my querent to take the cards and i read reversals from my perspective.

    another reader i know asks the querent to shuffle, and cut into 3. The querent must then choose which "mini deck" they want to use, then she just does it by pulling out the top card of the mini deck

    Finally one person shuffles, fans out and does the same thing as me only he doesnt read reversals

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