Whos better for me?

  • I've been with my boyfriend on and off, but i kind of like somebody else, but im not choose, i do love my boyfriend, well hes my ex now, i spent some time with the one i like today, but im just not sure whos better for me....

  • actually, neither one. you are the best person for you. until you like and appreciate yourself better, you can neither like nor appreciate anyone else in your life to love them like you want to receive in turn. when you love yourself, you resonate with your truth, and can find what truly opens your heart. i think you will surprise yourself when you discover this. it seems to me that you have been following someone elses' criteria about what you want in a partner, and just accepting what you've been told you want, more or less. i think you'll be much happier in all aspects of your life when you recall that no one, present company included, has the right, privilege, or authority to tell you who you are. your behavior may occasionally be described or defined, but your self, never.

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