Taurus ex texting me why?

  • this is a long 1 i left my husband after being 20 yr together we got married 2yr ago the reason i left was because he opened a second buisness that hasnt paid him in over 2 yr and it came between us when he didnt have time for his family got into a lot of debt was stressed etc so after many discussions i left with no money i moved got my own house job etc and did it all in 5week and at first he thought i wouldve come back then he said just look at it as your husband working abroad at times he said he might come home to me and how proud he was that i was a strong independant women that he meet and how well my house looked etc then 7 week after i left i heard through my kids that he was thinking of splitting from me but didnt know how to tell me so i emailed and split from him then a week later through reading his texts when he told me i was sexy fit etc and i should move on i realised he mustve met some1 because you dont tell your wife to go sleep with some 1 at first he denied it then says there just friends but she is married with 4 kids and going through marriage problems lol like i aint * and i know she has been with other men i know he works 6 nights a week and on his night off the past 2 week he has sat in the house although he mailed to say he has met up with her 6 times in 5 week but i wonder why he is telling me this i have cried for 12 week as i really love him but i want him back but cannot go back till he changes his moods i have stood by 2 yr and watched him spend all our money on something that aint payin him i have had shingles and a near nervous breakdown anyways i have not spoke to him emailed or texted in over 2 week all of a sudden he texted my 2 older daughters asking for my new address so he could send me a birthday card then on my birthday he texted wishin m a happy birthday and telling me how good i look on pics on fb and how proud he was of me he said that i have told u i,d met this girl 6 times but im to busy as i work 6 nights a week so i c her when i have time but so busy, then he put happybirthday to me on my fb then he said to my daughter he cant wait for me and my daughters to go on holiday where he lives something to look forward to, now i dont know whats going on in his mind is he afraid i will approach him and this girl ?or does he care? does he realise ho much i still love him through all my soppy emails the first 10 weeks or has he realised the grass aint greener what is it i know we were brilliant together great sex life the lot * well not that much the last year but good when we didhes a great man but i thought he was going through a mid life crisis he changed that much the past 18mth ......... he was writing nice stuff to me, then sayin we wouldnt work because of my depression which i think is an excuse and what i think i had cause to be going through as he always thought he was right and that the buisness will make it i thought he was kidding himself and wont admit to me that i was right he has lost his family because of this but we all still love him even though he is stubborn anyways why is he textin me and my girls when we stopped all that 2 week ago plz help xx

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