Quite confused

  • hello everyone i have pretty complicated topic that i need some advice on. for the last year and a half or so there is a person i have been friends with and i have had deep feelings for this individual and just in the last 3 months have i opened up and told her how i felt. i have called many advisers and for the most part they have told me that she does have love for me in return and well each adviser has told me something a little different but it all pretty much meant the same thing. the one thing about my situation is that i am in love with a person that is over a thousand miles away and while she did write a letter back in response to my heartfelt letter, it was not a straightforward yes or no. now i am supposed to be going to see her in may of this year but i am so scared and still very confused. if someone has any advice they could share with me that would be awsome. thanks

  • Of course you're nervous...so is she! When you meet up in May, try and be yourself. It will be slightly embarrasing at first as you both wonder how this new dimension of your relationship will work out. But you've been friends for awhile, so try & swallow your embarrassment and start your meeting off as friends & see how it progresses.There wouldn't have been a straight yes or no answer....it'll take time and perhaps she's waiting for your meeting to assess her true feelings. I'm sure all will go well.

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