Captain can you help with a dream.

  • Good Afternoon Captain,

    Captain I have been having some dreams. They are dreams like somebody wants to hurt me.

    And I am with a guy that I know and he knows that these people want to hurt me. I would like to know is this something that I need to worry about. And in my dreams my kids have been there too. And last night I dreamt that somebody raped me in a old neighbors house. And there was kids there. And then I had a dream about two days ago that a lady ask to buy my car and she gave me 3000 dollars and I was saying in my mind that I was not going to give her the car. And then I was running with my goddaughter the police was looking for me. But one thing is that in all the dreams I was not hurt but in the one that I was raped. Can you please help me with this. I know that my dreams are a warning to me. And I would like to know is this man that I have been dreaming about is my ex. Or somebody else.

    Thanks so much Captain you are awesome. And I would like to wish you a happy four of July.


  • Your dreams are not about real incidenst but about your fears. Something has made you feel you are being (or going to be) taken advantage of or ripped off. Your dreams will not reoccur if you can work out who in your life your instincts (or fears) are telling you to beware of.

  • Hello Captain

    Thank You so much. And that is so true that is how I feel. Like I have been too nice.

    That I have been taken for granted. But that is ok. Because that was a learning experience

    for me. And next time I will know better.

    Thank You and have a awesome four.


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