What sign am I really?

  • I find it a little confusing...

    I am born on Apr 20th, and when looking in newspapers, magazines, books on astrology, calculatiors etc online etc etc it says 50% of the time that I am a Taurus, and 50% of the time that I am an Aries.

    On this webpage I am a Taurus, yet looking at my personality I am 100% Aries.

    April 20th, Aries or Taurus? Which is it?

    And how do I find out rising moons etc (don't know to much about these things, but would love to know more).

  • You are born on a day that the Sun’s position in the sky moves from Aries to Taurus. That movement of the Sun can fluctuate by a day or hour and minutes depending on the year and time that you were born. I was also born on one of those cusp days where the Sun moved into the next sign during that evening. I’m sure you know the year you were born, so if you have the exact birth time and place you can determine your Sun sign along with all the other placements in your chart.

  • I'd say you're an Aries cusp person. You have the qualities of an Aries with some traits of a Taurus.

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