Captain, some guidance on my son please

  • Dear Captain, I could really use your guidance on my son Jonathan. (His birthday is 7/6/08, 10:24 a.m.) He will be turning "2" on July 6.

    I have been having a difficult time getting him to eat some basic foods (pasta, rice, beans, bread, crackers, no potatoes in any form, etc...) All he wants is yogurt (which I can not give him too much of because of the sugar) and things that have a "sweet" taste to them. He won't even eat a plain piece of pasta! I even tried baked beans which have the sweet sauce and he rejected it also!

    I went through this with my daughter (who is 4 1/2 now) but it wasn't this extreme. I know all kids are different but if he looks at a new food he automatically rejects it before even tasting it. I do not give him junk food. He will eat cherrios and milk and oatmeal and raisins, nothing for lunch or dinner. The pediatrician said if he is getting at least 1 good meal a day not to worry and this phase will pass.

    Any tips or advice for me? I will keep trying. Maybe you could pick up on something psychically or astrologically that could help. Thanks for any info or advice. 🙂 It is much appreciated.

    Love & Blessings,


  • Spirit tells me craving sweetness is a manifestation of creativity urges so encourage him to draw or paint or play with Playdoh or build with blocks etc. to satisfy this 'craving' in him. Also try to feed him some basic foods while he is distracted and fulfilled by his creative playing. Allow him to be very creative with things that might surpass a 2 year old's seeming ability to attempt as his spirit is craving this very sort of challenge. Get creative with his food too - he is very attracted to bright colours - make a picture of his food or encourage him to do it by 'building' with carrot sticks, fruit shapes, mounds of peas or mashed potatoes, tearing bread into strips, etc. The more creative and game-like you make his meal times, the more he will be attracted to eating.

  • Hi Angelsheaven7,

    I sincerely hope you and the captain don't mind me coming in your thread,

    but I just wanted to say my Son (he's 32 I had the same problem with him, but he only would eat Readybrek...( a type of oatmeal)... and really nothing else for about a year, I never had that with my 3 older girls, but, I was the same as you, I worried so much, I was beside myself...But, it passed he even likes Brussel Sprouts try not to worry, the advice you got from the captain is fantastic...I always sing her praises, I admire her intuition and excellent advice greatly...hope she doesn't think I go overboard on how I keep singing her praises though because I do this all over the threads, and she might think I'm

    Nah!! I don't think she will, I'm positive she will have picked up on me and my genuine appreciation on her help and guidance she offers us all ...

    so, please try and relax and have fun with being inventive of all the ways you can come up with on encouraging your little boy to try different foods,

    I wish you well...

    much love and joy to you


  • Dear Captain,

    Thank you so very much for your advice! It really helps me think of Jonathan's eating habits from a new perspective. (which I really needed!) I will definitely use your suggestions! It's interesting you mention "creativity"- he has recently started showing his creative side. (He loves to color with his sister Grace) He also likes paints. I also feel like his brain spins so fast sometimes. ( he probably takes after his sister, lol!)

    I will keep you posted on things Captain.

    To Denise: Thank you for your advice and support also. I appreciate it.

    Thank you both very much for taking the time to respond to my post. Love & Blessings to both of you!


  • Hello Angelsheaven7, I hope that you and The Captain dont mind me jumping in on your thread but i couldnt help myself because i to have a son namned Jonathan who is 3 years old and i cant for the life of me, get him to try anything different to eat as well ,like your son all he wants to eat is yoghurt other than that he will eat noodles, chicken curry pasta and fried rice . i am at my wits end i have tryed to disguise meat and vegetables on many occaisons and he always sees through it .I took him to the doctor to see if he thought Jonathan should have any vitamins and he pulled down his bottom eyelids and told me if they are pink (which they were) that he wasnt malnourished and not to worry because he will soon outgrow this and try different foods. The health care nurse that i used to see suggested to me a multi vitamin toddler drink one a day ,he was having that for a while then he didnt want to drink it anymore. I also have two other children my daughter whos 10 now was a fussy eater as a toddler but nowhere near as bad as Jonathan is now she trys everything .My older son who is 7 was a fantastic eater as a toddler but now i struggle trying to get him to eat properly so i can strongly sympathise with what your going through as mothers we constantly worry ourselves sick its the hardest and best job in the world .Wishing you all the best Lilacrose

  • Dear Lilacrose, Thank you for your thoughts and good wishes! I'll keep everyone posted!

    Love & Blessings,


  • It's not that they don't like food as much as they find mealtimes and food boring. These are very creative children who need a lot of senses stimulation (music, taste, colour) to get interested in things.

  • Dear Captain Thankyou for your advice on making mealtimes more intersesting i will defiantly give this a try . Wishing you all the best Lilac

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