Hans, advice pls.

  • Dear Hans,

    i sought your advice some time ago. unfortunately, due to work, i'm still in frequent contact with the same guy. there's been numerous conflicts these past 2 mths. at times it feels like we're frens who cld talk abt anything, at times it's the opposite. because of work, i've had to give him feedback on the way he works and how he treats others etc. i feel that i've done so in all sincerity but it doesn't seem to be received or understood by him. it's disappointing coz his reaction shows dat he doesn't know me at all.

    Actually, i'm really not sure what i wan to ask u. Just hope u cld give me some advice or just tell me something abt this.

    thank u

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  • tangerine7,

    why is he in a withdrawal? because of his strength.

    how shld i handle this? by waiting.

    what exactly is this relationship, if there is any, between him and i? indecisive between yes and no.

    what am i meant to learn? just surviving.

    And, naturally, there will be sacrifices, but they

    have to be made... joyously. Only then is it a

    sacrifice! If you DO it without joy it is not

    sacrifice. Sacrifice comes from the word 'sacred'. When

    you do it joyfully, it is sacred. When you don't do it

    joyfully, then you are just fulfilling a duty -- and

    all duties are ugly, they are not sacred.

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  • tangerine7,

    can u say more about the relationship? a heart-to-heart-relationship exchanging love.

    what will be the outcome of this? a journey.

    is it possible for us to remain friends? no.

    The truth is individual, and the crowd does not care

    about truth. It cares about consolation; it cares about

    comfort. The crowd does not consist of explorers,

    adventurers, people who go into the unknown, fearless

    -- risking their whole lives to find the meaning and

    the significance of their lives, and the life of the

    whole of existence. The crowd simply wants to be told

    things which are sweet to hear, comfortable and cozy;

    without any effort on their part, they can relax in

    those consoling lies.

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  • tangerine7,

    nothing is to be done. You simply give him a chance to talk.

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  • tangerine7,

    I do not feel myself as German although I am born in Germany and live in Germany. I am against nations and collective identifications, so I am not supporting anyone in the World Cup although I have to confess that I was fascinated by the play of this young German team. Having played football myself my only support would be playing in this team, but this would not be much of a support, it would be more harm than help I am afraid.

    Because I am nothing I am just zero compared to them.

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  • tangerine7,

    I enjoyed it and it seems everyone is blessed who has your support. You should support yourself ;-).

    Seeing the football fans reminds me that I knew a man I was surprised to

    see that he was always in all the protest marches --

    whether it was communist, or socialist, or the

    Congress, whether it was some Christian group or some Jewish

    group, or even if it was a student's protest -- and he

    was not a student, he was a businessman. But he was

    always there with a flag, and he would shout louder

    than anybody else.

    One day I caught hold of him, took him to the side of

    the road, and I asked him, "Which party do you belong


    He said, "Who cares about the party? Open air,

    shouting, it gives me so much joy that I don't care

    where they are going, what they are doing. It comes to

    nothing at all. But to me, it gives me good exercise --

    the whole day sitting in the shop, you know...."

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  • tangerine7,

    we shld always move out of our comfort zone, to challenge ourselves etc in work. I'm thinking is it really necessary? No.

    if we're comfortable where we are, why shld we make things difficult for ourselves? because of pure delight of the new, because of clarification and purification of situations.

    what do you think? experience your strength through love.

    Your way is the way of the white clouds.

  • Hans i was wondering If I could have advice.

    My year long relationship with bf (7-17-75) has ended. I dont think he will come back and I have made peace with that. I am ready for true love. Do see anyone coming in my life? Also, I am trying to decide to move and in need of job? Do you see anything with that? My birthday is 8-13-73.

    I dont know the protocal, was I suppose to start a new thread. If so, I am sorry.

  • I started a new thread. Sorry to impose.

  • wangchung,

    be watchful.

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