Could I Have a Tarot Reading????

  • Lifer put it this way~~ if u have absolute fate in your marriage I believe things will work out for u~~ it is a matter of how u see it~~ of course if u tried your best to save it and have done ur best I believe u won't have any regrets~~

  • Thanks, Mikyo. Truly appreciate your insights.


  • You are welcome~~ 😃

  • hi witchywomen, I would say things are going pretty slow for you this year.. it may have been due to someone who came in and interupt what u are doing.. I wouldn't say it is an enermy but this person does hinder your growth in your doesn't matter whether this person is doing harm or helping you but eventually u will still be able to your goals.. but there are a few factors you need to look out for.. when a problem arise.. the problems i refer to is the major ones, someone who u have trust might break your trust, and things keep on going until the problems have end.. From what i see it may have be something to do with ur relationship~ hope to hear comment from u~

  • hi Sagibaby~

    Will he be coming back to my life in the future or is he gone for good? May i ask if there is a little distrust and disagreement with both of u? if it is there might be the case why he might be gone for good.. I wouldn't say he is gone for good but rather he is figuring out whether is there a basic trust between both of u..

    If so, do we have a chance to start over or we will just become friends? at this point of time both of u does lack of communication.. if u want a start over again.. firstly u need to get in touch with him and communicates.. sometime lack of communication will just end everything..

    At this point how does he see me as and does he care about me or feels anything? as earlier i said that both lack of communication and this problems has been drawn nearer and nearer to both of u.. he might be caring for u.. but it doesn't mean he knows how to show it up how to put in words to tell u..

    Did he read the letter and what were his thoughts/reaction after? I would say that the letter that u send him might just brighten up his days.. he would be glad to receive it and knows that u care for him..

    my advise is sometime things might not work out the same like what u have think.. u may contribute more in this scenario.. but u may only get a little returns in here.. this doesn't matter as long as u know what u are doing for.. and it is worth doing.. sometme it is just your fate that u need to contribute more to get this going.. I hope this helps and hope to hear your comment soon~

  • Hi mikyo could you do me a reading?:)

    I'm going to move ,but i have some troubles.

    I was going to live with my friend (pieces) but I will probably go with my another friend (leo).I also have to find place for living...

    I'm wondering ,how that will pass?I'm virgo.

  • Hi Mikyo Could U Do A Reading For Me

    IM At A Very Low Point Right Now Tomorros My Birthday(7/17/91)And Im Goin Wit Some Trouble About My Health Sometimes I Feel MayBe I Should Be Alone Can U Help

    Thanx So Much From Sam

  • HEllo Mikyo

    I would like a reading please. My dob is July 12 1961. I was in a relationship and he just stop coming to my house or calling and then he send me a email for mothers day and it was a picture of him. And he said some very nice things about me. And then we talked a couple of days later and then I did not hear from him till I called him. His dob is Oct 4, 1974. Can you please tell me what did I do wrong to make him just stop calling and act like I did something really bad too him. I have always been there for him and never did anything wrong to him. I sometimes think maybe I should have played around on him and did the things my friends want me to do. Maybe he would still be here. And what do you see for the aries and I.


  • Hello Mikyo. I would love a reading if you can find the time , I have issues with my husband, i am really worried about his health and he is having alot of trouble at work .I was wondering do you see this situation improving in the near future ? My husbands dob is 12-11-70.mine is 27-4-69. Thanks love and blessings Lilac

  • Dear Scorpvirgo , Im so sorry for jumping in on your thread, i should have asked you first if it was ok to ask for a reading ,i wasnt thinking i didnt mean any disrespect .Once again i am truly sorry .Love and blessings Lilac

  • Mikyo

    Thanks for the reading.

    Ha. Yeah our son got laid off from work in january so he has been back at home with us but at least he is single and no children to take care of. concerning the relationship problem maybe its with my daughter and her sons daddy. he won't work and take care of them, and he doesn't want anyone getting close with them. and the love she has for him, he does no wrong.

    it seems there is nothing i can do,so it bothers me alot.

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