Could I Have a Tarot Reading????

  • Hello Anyone who has the wonderful abilities to do tarot readings. I'm a standstill in my life as far as my love life goes. could I get a tarot reading to find out what exactly is in my future?

    I was back and forth with a cancer man for a year. we stopped talking about 4 months ago. no contact since except one meeting randomly at a restaurant.

    any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

    thanks in advance!

  • my dob is 11/2/83

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  • Hi ScorpVirgo.. I have done a reading for u.. In your past relationship I believe u both do get along well and thinking there might be a little spark.. there might be that both thinking u and him were meant to be together.. and u guys do plan alot ou t from there.. what to do or what both of u shares and everything.. I would say a good start off.. In your present situation.. things seems to change a little from wher eu have started.. It may seems that the path of being to knwo each other more is closer but it is drifted far away from entering in a relationship.. it might be the reason that he doesn't want to commit.. he might just sees u as a friend only.. for the future all i would say is that everything taking courage to admit is lost and ended being trap in a situation.. just afraid that wat if things doesn't turns up like this.. getting too many things on your mind and ended up trapping yourself in a situation~ hope that helps~

  • thank you so much Mikyo for your reading! I appreciate it! I have a few questions if you don't mind...

    what did you mean by " the path of being to know eachother is more closer but is drifted far away from entering into a relationship"? does that mean that he wants to get to know me better but only wants to keep it at a friend level? I haven't talked to him in months because he pushed me away. can I get some clarification?

    also, you said "for the future all i would say is that everything taking courage to admit is lost and ended being trap in a situation.. just afraid that wat if things doesn't turns up like this.. getting too many things on your mind and ended up trapping yourself in a situation". I'm a little confused by this. could I get some clarification on this as well? do you mean that I'm trapped in a situation that I created for myself?

  • also, being "trapped", does that mean that I'm trapped in a situation where I need to admit that both him and I aren't going to be together? So there's no chance of a relationship with him and I should let him go, right?

  • Sorry for the confusion.. Yap~ the only thing that he wants is to keep at friend level and not more than that.. And the trap that I mean is that u are not taking any step and every path is a dangerous one for u~~

  • so it's because I'm so cautious about getting hurt again that I'm not going to have anyone new come into my life soon? I'm scared of taking any step because I think everything is dangerous? do you see anyone else for me at all?

    or are you saying that every path is dangerous and I need to stay cautious?

    thank you again mikyo! 🙂

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  • Hi....A Reading Would Be So Helpful....

    What can you see for my very troubled marriage? Is there a way to save it?

    We've been together for 20+ years and have a child.

    My dob: 3/17/58 and his dob: 7/31/59.

    Much appreciation....

  • Hi scorpvirgo~ sometime it is best to remain as where u are~~ taking too much step will make the situation worst~~ 😃

  • thanks Mikyo, I will be patient and wait for something to happen or someone to come to me. I've been single for a long time, so I'm just ready for someone to be in my life.

    you are so talented, and I truly appreciate you making time for me. you are so blessed to have these abilities. thanks again Mikyo! 🙂

  • Hi Mikyo,

    Could I have a reading? I am not sure...hope I am entering my request properly.

    At any rate, hope you can help.

    Much appreciation.


  • Hi Lifer sorry for the late reply~ I just did a reading for you and if anything missing out you may add in or anything u may enlighten me too.. 😃

    as for your past marriage, I would say that both of u are trying your best to maintain this relationship.. trying to give and take for each other.. trying to compromise.. I would say the foundations is stronger in here.. at times there may have repeated problem arise as both of u just trying to blance but never solve th roots of the poblems..

    Looking at your currently states.. he problems that lies in is the money issue that cause the whole matter.. your husband income might not be so stable and often being throw to learn alot of new things.. that might causes a stress in him and hence problem arise.. one of the hardest issue to be get rid of is money issue.. and I would see that he just came out from a dead situation.. there might be alot of demanding things for him.. he might just need you and your child support to over come his crisis..

    over the years, I believe that you and your husband had done all you best for the families. I strongly believe that good things wil came by no matter wat.. nothing is easy from the beginning.. everyonewill have to go through the hardest way before getting a happy ending.. Sometime it may be due to slow moves that u have made and decide for the family.. U need to be firm be realistic in it.. try to spice up things in your family.. a routine might gets a little boring in there. make it a little family days for u too.... if going by the normal ways doesn't work U need to try other ways to do it.. and i believe you have reach a certain stage that U need to start all over again.. new worries, new stage of your marriage life.. not everything might go well and things might suddenly turn from bad to worst.. most importantly try to think of your families.. how wouldn your child react when things happen try to share certain things with your husband too.. don always do things alone or suffer alone.. it doesn't help much.. a little warning, try not to risk anyhting.. it doens't worth to risk things u shouldn't.. 😃 I hope this helps

  • Dear Mikyo,

    I cant seem to get an answer or reply on any of the other forums. Would you please be so kind as to do a reading for me? dob=3-4-64.

    Anything that you feel are see i would like to know good or bad. THANKS

  • Hello Mikyo! 🙂

    My birthday is December 18, 1984 and had questions regarding my love life and the guy that i was dating up until 2 months ago. His birthday is July 5, 1984. Will he be coming back to my life in the future or is he gone for good? If so, do we have a chance to start over or we will just become friends? At this point how does he see me as and does he care about me or feels anything? His birthday came up recently and i sent him a birthday card along with an enclosed letter. Did he read the letter and what were his thoughts/reaction after? Thank you very much for your time!

  • Dear Mikyo,

    Your reading speaks of so many truths for my marriage. Thanks you so very, very much.

    Could you please tell me more about the "roots of the problems" in our marriage. Can you tell me what the root problems are? I am ready for the truth....and, I am sure a share of the issues are of my doing.

    Also its seems vitally important to know what things I shouldn't risk? This "risk" issue is very important and relevant to our marriage. He is overseas and I am in the USA with our daughter.

    (I tried moving overseas and came back.)

    Lastly I wanted to make sure I do see things working out for us-though it will be tough?

    I can't thank you enough.


  • Hi Lifer, thanks for the feedback~ If u were to ask me about the roots of the problem.. I personally felt that your husband is because of household expenses and the responsible that he suppose to take and he needs to go overseas and work.. just because he wanted to provide u and ur daughter with a good living.. that's why u are trying ur best as i said earlier in my post.. the matter that u shouldn't risk i would like to ask if u do suspect him about having affairs or something like that? sometime letting ur imaginary goes wild isn't a good thing too.. at times he may be really working hard towards it and he might hope that u would understand him even more.. I woould say the toughest within ur this marriage is the word justice.. or rather fairness.. sometime u might judge him wrongly and cause a few stir up for him.. or he might misunderstood waat u are doing and think of wat u have done is to accuse him.. sometime give each other more trust might help in your situation rather than guessing who is right or wrong.. hope that helps~ 😃

  • Thank you so very much, Mikyo.

    I just need to make you see our marriage working out?

    I realize that there is free will which could change things.

    I am hearing that I must support him in his work efforts.

    Also I should try to spice things up...a little hard to do with him overseas.

    (P.S. He admitted to an affair...but says he has ended it. Trust is an issue but I am willing

    to work past this.)

    At any rate, would appreciate one final comment about the future of our marriage.



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