Scorpio Male, Aries Female

  • We met via Match. From the start, the banter was highly intelligent, witty and sarcastic (from both sides!). The writing back and forth was quite fun. Plus, I could see that, like me, his punctuation, spelling and grammar were near perfection (important to me).

    I had no high expectations regarding him - he was not my usual type and he was a Scorpio (my very first boyfriend of 4 years was one, my second boyfriend of two years was too and my ex-husband of 13 years). They are kryptonite to me.

    Within that first week of e-mails only, we found out that:

    we live down the street from each other

    he once lived in my subdivision 10 years ago, and directly behind my home!

    we are both one of 4 children ( 2 boys, 2 girls - 2 of which have the same names )

    his son's birthday and my parent's anniversary are the same day

    his parents and mine: high school sweethearts and still together 50 years later

    we both went to Catholic schools

    we both have cats

    we both dislike country music and love alternative music

    and so on and so forth. . .

    It was weird!

    We decided that when we meet, we'll give it the 20 minute rule. If there is no connection, we are free to leave, no hard feelings (I even brought a kitchen timer as a joke!). We finally meet in person and it is an instantaneous 'click'! We actually kept resetting the timer, over and over and over, jokingly.

    Needless to say, we had a blast. The attraction was definitely there, although I was not vocal about it as he was (when I first went to the ladies room, he sent me an 'I like you!!!' text - I responded with an 'Oh shut up and finish your drink' text). I knew not to fall prey to him. Plus, I am cocky and sarcastic and I knew he liked that about me.

    After that first date, things were going good! He let me know, verbally and through e-mails and texts, that he found me smart, fun, witty, sexy and hot and was excited about seeing me again. I was looking forward to it, too, but was still keeping my heart at a 'safe distance' (although, I fell pretty hard, pretty quick - I just did not let on).

    We went out again and again and again. More of the same; endless intelligent conversations, lots of sarcastic rapport back and forth and passionate kissing ( very important to us both that the kissing is good, and it was!!!).

    Then, something happened.

    We talked, as usual, on Thursday when I got home from work. He asked if I was still 'on the fence' about him (when we were out, I would use that term kiddingly). I said I may have fallen off, but there is a gate and I could run really fast! We laughed. He called me stubborn. But, I did tell him that he had 'wormed' his way into my thoughts. He said "finally, you can admit something!". We made tentative plans for Sunday and said goodnight.

    I got a short, not really personal, e-mail from him the next morning (Friday). No call, but that is okay. We both have said how we don't HAVE to speak every day.

    Saturday morning; he sent me a very brief text asking if I was awake and that he was actually working that day (he is usually off on Saturdays). I did not text him back as I was quite busy that morning and then had to go into work. (plus, I know about the being too available and letting a man be the hunter; that was my thought process at that time). I didn't think that was going to be an issue as we are both adults, not teenagers. I guess I should tell you that we are both in our 40s.

    When I got out of work around midnight, I checked my phone. Nothing. No text. No call. No voice mail.

    I got home and checked my inbox. Nothing.

    I decided to now return his text and casually apologized for the delay in response. Nothing back.

    I could barely sleep that night. My instincts told me: something is not right at all. But, the next day is Sunday and everything will be clarified.

    Sunday came and went. Nothing.

    By Monday, I decided I cannot live like this once again (my exes did this to me over and over and over and I hate the 'unknowing' feeling and the lack of appetite and sleep - only Scorps make me feel this way!!!). I sent him a very short e-mail stating:

    The words that are never written, the words that are never spoken, are the ones that scream the loudest. - a quote by me

    I hear you loud and clear.

    I wish you all the best always.


    It is now 5 days later; I still have his Sirius stereo system in my car and I have heard not one word (good, bad or let's debate this) from him.

    Scorpio men: what's the deal here?! Want your opinion. (and, I will not make a move towards him at all at this time - I left out that I did call and got his voice mail late Sunday night. I very calmly and politely asked if 'everything is okay with him, have we had a miscommunication problem and if so, that's a small and fixable issue, if it is something else, please let me know - we are both adults, we can both handle the truth. . .') Nothing. Which led to above e-mail.

    Help! What's a girl to do?!

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