What sign is depicted by the knight of wands?

  • I've done a few readings on this guy I have a crush on, and a reading was done for me on this forum. The knight of wands keeps being depicted by this fellow.... the reading I recieved she discribed him in a way that didn't seem like him at all so I asume it must of showed up as reversed in her reading I have a different meaning, but still do not know his sign lol.... I figure there may be a connection.. can someone tell me which sign is associated with this knight and.... my crush finally asked me out on a date for sunday july 4th can I trouble someone with a reading request of a chance to connect... I've been liking him for about 2 months and felt like he liked me but he just asked me out and I am excited!!! 🙂 please help me. Thanks

  • It could possibly be Aries. If its not an Aries keep in mind its possible due to changes in lunar cycles and the way they effect each and every sign. So depending on the circumstances I have a feeling that The Kinds of Wands was most likelyproduced by a different sign whos trying to figure out the same things you could be. I am not sure not an expert just an opinion..

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