Fake psychic? please help the Captain and anyone else

  • oh, i'm sorry that was supposed to be addressed to archersbow, not sandpiper!

  • this one's for sandpiper, my apologies. 🙂


    i 100% agree with you. whenever i get a bad vibe from someone, i keep my distance. i didn't feel threated by the pyschic, she just had a certain mocking look to her. whenver i get really bad vibes, i always stay away, and if i'm forced to be in the same room with someone i won't talk to that person and i STAY AWAY. i trust my intuition,

  • Long distance future prediction is well nigh impossible as your future changes every time you make a major decision. Since you will make many major decisions in your life, i would be more inclined to trust the psychic who said she can't predict your future than the one who said they could. As to reading for young people, I personally think everyone needes guidance and advice. For a young person, I would focus on helping them cope with their current life situation rather than bothering with their future too much.

  • You know.. Have any of you ever talked to someone and mentioned they had

    a pyschic reading ? I have and i noticed that the people who are confident

    and believe in the reading they recieved are always the ones who say it didnt

    happen lol but then a few of my relative [mom, and aunt] said they had one

    in their early years my mom said she didnt and still dont believe in any of it

    but the lady told her she would be preganant with twins and more things

    but after all...she did have twins lol;) ME! and then my aunt said she didnt beleive

    in any of it either a lady approached her for free actually and gave her a reading

    saying that she would have a child with the guy she was standing with and should

    would have MANY kids by more lovers and well...she has plenty kids now lol..

    do you get where im going with this... ? Readings are'nt to wait around and wait for things to happen or sit around and think about it..LIVE! and watch how fate unfolds.

    Usually you can tell about a psychic if they give actual events im sorry

    but thats how i call it, I dont consider myself psychic at all because I've never

    picked up an actual date for anything I more so feel intutive but ALL women

    are naturally intutive. Depends where you are located how long the psychic

    has been in the business, Fake pyschics have age ranges because they work for

    a Business that trains them with Fake knowledge so they must be cautious not to jeopardize the company a Real psychic will indeed probably

    work for them self most times they are at public places with a booth

    not the ones you can call 24 hrs and you pay 3.99 or however much. Also

    Cards are a sign of a false pyschic no offense to anyone who uses cards but

    a Card cannot answer a YES/NO question.This business draws many

    people in by curiousity..But for some who dont know this is considered a taboo

    and can be dealt in a form of a drug there are people who are obessed with

    the mystics of physics and astrology, because it is so re-invented through cultures

    and generations that its loosing its simplicity and and goodness that it almost

    no longer aligns with Reality thats why the media exposes it and dosent support

    Reality thats why.. So i would warn all new viewers not to become obessed

    with it, Because when you look closer you will see the snakes and dirt in the

    Pretty Grass.

  • danielleissmiling, please ask yourself why she would have a mocking look on her face. If she's making fun of you, or masking a different emotion with that look (acting!), what intention would be behind that? If she truly wanted to help you, how would her face look? Yes, one can also be fooled by someone faking 'nice'. But when you're given a clear indication like that mocking look, consider that a gift, a big neon sign flashing 'LEAVE'.

  • danielleissmiling

    yes, I am very sure sweetie. I worked at a New Age Bookstore for 8 years, and that was the rule, however, if their parents were with the kid, and gave permission, then it was okay. I have given readings to a daughter and a mother, but most times readings were individual/private reads.

    I've also worked 5 years for an on-line site, and that is also written in large letters. must be 18 or older to apply for an on-line psychic reading

    AND it's entertainment purposes only. no guarantees is what they are really saying LOL

    I've given readings for 30 years, so I know a lot about the industry.

    blessings on your journey.. Sunny

  • Addictdtoriches, I have always thought psychics were better suited to helping someone move on from a present sutuation than for predicting any future situations that may or may not happen. I mean, other than for reassurance, I don't see the point of telling someone if they will have children or will meet a partner sometime in the murky future. I think we should deal with the hereandnow and let the future unfold as a result of what we do in the present. It's like a lot of people would prefer to live in some distant dream than deal with their life as it is now. When people ask me whether thay will do this or that in the future, I say "Well, will you?" because it is entirely up to them.

  • I completely agree, with that, Thats the techinique thats

    beneficial giving advice and such it could help alot of people

    for instance you cant ask google to love you but you can ask it to help you

    with a project or so, In fact i've never agreed to going to a pyschic

    for love answers because they wont make sense! its almost like

    asking a doctor are cigarettes good for you because their good to you

    no matter what our desire for it will outweigh the bad but due to one's

    curiousity and Captain just like I you know well many people

    go to physics and they want 'DATES' & "answers" they want

    Clarity..Thats when that big difference arise and the thin line

    between pyschics and psychologist are compared psychologist

    study various information from books ect, I've studied psychology

    and hypnosis and such laws of attraction ect. Its a higher level of common

    sense of the brain..Understanding the brain and why we react to things and feelings

    the way we do its all information thats been studied from various people

    But a REAL Pyschic which is'nt my place to say who's a REAL psychic and whos

    Not. some people give great advice wheather its from experience or the natural

    ability to be able to relate to people. As we know theres different abilities psychics

    use for instance some clarivoyant, Aura readers, channeling, clairaudience,

    clairsentience, and so many MORE. but most times psychics recieve

    information through vision, a spirit, a gut feeling, or just a KNOWING..

    and when i first began studying psychology thats the first thing i was taught

    that theres a HUGE difference between knoweledge and knowing

    knowledge can always be examined, detailed, found. Knowing is unexplainable

    the ability to see beyond physical limitations. you know what i personally

    found out between the tow captain ? That giving people advice only

    leads them to going in circles & coming back for more because its not definete

    its almost like politics it just leads to more talking rather than a resoulution

    a answer clearly answers any curiousity for a person.

  • Captain please dont think im disagreeing with your method of dealings.

    I believe you are a very patient person.Im very impressed with your work

    I read ALOT of your great threads from your old website I loved them all.

    Patience sets in a change while a answer sometimes give a

    immediate resonse that comes along too early for us to imediately change.

  • Don't worry, Addictd, I like this discussion. I just want to give my opinion, not persuade everyone to my point of view. Each to their own!

    However, I think a lot of fake psychics are making money out of giving 'answers' that are far off in the future and thus unverifiable for a long time. I prefer to try and give advice in the present that can help people get what they want in the future.

  • It is a very interesting topic, For sure

    since we've all had different experiences

    with readings lol. but i completely agree

    with you, I guess it all depends on whats the question being

    asked.. and general readings are a completely different story

    you never know.

  • theCaptain and addcitdtoriches;

    alot of people are expecting me to stop dating and liking people and just quitting everything because a psychic told me i'd meet my soulmate at 24 and everything else would be superficial- on the contrary i belive i'll find that there's NO reason for me to let myself like guys and get into relationships. i know i'm young! i am not going to wait for that knight in shining armor, based on one reading from a person i just met on something so far away. theCaptain, you're right, the future changes remarkably over a major decision. my life has been COMPLETELY altered in a mere two months. nothing stays the same for long around me, and i don't expect to meet the "perfect person" anytime soon. i will let myself live, as you have said addictd :). the future is constantly changing, and it's true- love comes when you least expect it. 🙂 i'm so young to even think about it, but i'll contnue to just blissfully daydream about it, and not worry about the future all too much, there's no point. everything works its way out in the end, and i just tell myself sometimes that nothing lasts forever, and you have to make the best of what is happening right here, right now.

  • *i meant there's no reason for me to not let myself like guys

  • MsSunny;

    oh! well, it's just this little booth in Old Town that people go to, i wonder if the same rules apply here? if so, then that is really strange, they have been in business for a while, i wonder why no one has shut them down or at least told them to ensure parents consented to having their children read? hm.. i don't think i'll go to them again, next time i want a reading i'll go somewhere less sketchy.

  • sandpiper;

    you're right, the mocking smile should have been my signal to just leave. we all had a bit of an off feeling afterwards, and my younger aries sister felt like she was "making our future up, but could definitely read our aura."

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