Fake psychic? please help the Captain and anyone else

  • I went to a psychic recently, and she told me a few things about me;

    She said i came off very innocent, but I am really the opposite of that. I am not as goodie and shy as people percieve me to be. She said I have a very motherly instinct, and an open and big heart. She says I'm very nurturing and she said "Animals are people too, right?" and said that she sees me in the medical field or helping and nurturing. My dream is to become an actress, and that stressed me out a bit that she didn't see it in my future. She said all throughout highschool I'll have relationships, but nothing longlasting and really like special. She also said that I will meet my soulmate at 24, and that i will have children with him and that once I find him, that's it for life. No divorcing, no nothing it's set, he's the one for me. She also said that he'll be 2-3 years older. She said to watch out for my friends right now, there's someone with bad intentions. I have a hunch who she's talking about.

    Do you have a hunch she's just scamming me? Maybe she isn't psychic? Or if this is all true, then can i have some more insight about everything she's shared with me? Much thanks in advance.:)<3


  • my brithdate; april 3rd '96, 4:07 a.m.


  • Danielle,

    I think you should have asked for a reading here first and then

    compared the two readings...

    the reading sounds very detailed and confindently said right ?

    i mean...she gave you timelines and and specifics, personally

    you have a better chance with going with an face to face reading and recieving

    accurate results their than here, theres not so much of timelines or yes or no

    responses just more of what i consider advice, and logical responses here.

    Your still young.. who knows how things might change for you,

    from the sound of things they sound not so bad, i mean she said you'll

    find your soulmate at 24, very lucky. but remeber that the power of FREEWILL

    exist, we have the power of freewill to change and accept things in our lives.

    hope to hear from you soon. 😃 best wishes.

  • addictdtoriches;

    You're probably right, I think I should have! Hm, maybe I will post a new thread asking for one?

    yes, she was very confident on the reading, and the way she looked directly at me and smiled, i felt a little nervous because she was so direct and sure of everything she was saying, she also gave readings to my two younger siblings. i definitely see what you mean about the logical reponses, i was not expecting a timeline at all when i asked her about my love life in general, throughout my years. i was shocked when she said i was to meet my 24, that completely exceeded my expectations and if it is to happen, i realize how extremely lucky i would be! i am very young, and i will use all of my free will and determination to pursue my dreams. it's funny- when i was about 4/5 years old i was adiment on being a veterinarian but then changed my mind to being an actress by 5 years old, and have been pursuing that goal ever since, with various plays.

    thank you very much for your insight, addictdtoriches! 🙂 it's greatly appreciated, and best wishes to you as well. 🙂

  • *she said i was to meet my 24

    -i meant she said i was to meet my SOULMATE at 24. 🙂 haha

  • You know Danielle, you can actually do both things either professionally or privately. Acting will be good for bringing out your confidence and helping you to be more at ease socially and looking after animals (or working for the greater good through some other cause) will satisfy your soul and bring out compassion for others in you. Many famous actors use their celebrity to promote the causes they believe in. So why not do one as a career and then devote your spare time to the other?

    As for specific timelines, make your own timeline and plan for when you want these things to happen. Get on with your life and don't worry about meeting your soulmate. Love happens more often when you are not looking for it. So write your own life story - don't let anyone, even a psychic, write it for you.

    There you go (and I didn't even charge you.) 🙂

  • danielleissmiling,

    Lol, i think i know that facial expression your talking about !

    My first and last face to face reading was done by a man and

    omg, even though the news was good his facial expressions

    was so direct and spooky with this blank stare right into my eyes

    and this was done for FREE i wondered to myself is he telling

    the truth lol ? jk. but some of the things he said were all so true

    and some were based on the future and had'nt happend yet so i cudnt tell...

    my goals like you i too wanna go into the entertainment.

    and he told me this would happend, in my mind im thinking

    out of all information how did he pick up exactly what i wanted to know.

    without me even saying a word to him about any of it!

    keep your mind focused on becoming a actress girl!

    stay focused and you will actract people that can help you pursure those goals

    you seem to have alot of personality to just keep pushing it.

  • theCaptain;

    you are entirely right, i will continue pursuing acting and hopefully if i break through this business, i will make an impact on the world and doing my absolute best to help people. alot of people say that, but i know it's what i want to do, i have never wanted something so bad.

    you're right about me needing acting to be more at ease socially, if i feel uncomfortable it shows. i look like a deer in headlights, and i go inward and won't say a word. i have veeery outgoing friends so it's pointed out alot.

    as for making my own timelines, you're right as well. i shouldn't allow anyone to decide my future for me, and i'm so young so i really shouldn't be worrying so much about love, it'll find me when i least expect it. 🙂

    thank you so much for your insight (and not charging me;D), it's extremely appreciated, and i really mean that! 🙂

  • addictdtoriches;

    exactly! the face i got was like spooky direct, and the way she kind of mocked smiled at me was like she knew exactly what was on my mind. like, she saw riiight threw me! OOOH you got it for free? did they do a palm reading or did they just tell you your future by looking at you? the lady that did my future didn't read my palm or anything, which made me wonder if she was making things up and raised my suspiscions a bit.

    thank you so much!! i will continue chasing my dreams, and keep my mind focused! my Leo aunt is in school studying to be a producer, and she said that she knows many people in hollywood, so i'm keeping my hopes up and will continue pursuing what i love. i wish you much luck in entertaining as well, i really do :D. maybe one day i will see you on the red carpet? lol 😄

  • Hi danielleissmiling,

    I can't add any more wonderful insight in what you have already been given, but I really felt the need to say you sound like a lovely level headed and caring and appreciative girl!!

    I just wanted to say I wish you well in all you do!!...I feel you will be successful in whatever path you choose.

    Much love and joy to you


  • Denise,

    thank you so much, i'm beaming right now!! 😄

    you have no idea how much that means to me, and i wish you exactly the same in all that you do, as well! you are very sweet and i thank all of you for your wonderful words of encouragement. 🙂

    ---danielleissmiling. :))

  • You are welcome danielleissmiling, I really do sense a lot of goodness and maturity in you, bless you!! and thank you for my well wishes too! 🙂 my gratitude to you...


  • danielleissmiling

    omg yes lol! he kept mocking himself too and kept repeating some

    things over and over but the only thing is after he finished the reading

    i asked in a humorous way so is there a way i could prevent any of this from

    happening and he said...No thats the game of life and walked away smiling.

    Danille no he did'nt use my palm either thats why i thought hmmm.. strange

    i always seen them on tv using palms. Thats a first really big step Hollywood is defintely all

    about who you know because it dosent take much brains to get the hoolywood story

    You have greater chances of becoming a star from different places and countries rather than

    L.a or out of states because they wanna see something new so thats the good part about it for you and I really wish you the best heres some

    positivety if i dont see you on that red carpet, I just know it's because you choose a even

    better path for you.

  • addictdtoriches;

    hahaha! i wonder if all psychics face to face have that same mock-smiling look!? hmm, i got my palm read when i was about 11 years old (i've always had an interest in the future and psychics and everything unknown to me) and she told me that the future could change, said she didn't know who i'd end up with, that she sees success in my future, the need to stay focused, two paths for me to take that someone will try to block me from my dreams? i was excited but looking at it, i'm now skeptical because you could tell that to anybody!! and plus, it was like $20. 😐 haha

    i really do help that those connections help my acting career, i do! i wish you all the best as well, and you're right 🙂 if i don't make it, i know i will definitely want to be involved in various volunteer programs. my little sister is special needs, and i used to read every day to a little special needs boy with cerebral palsy and seeing his face light up every day i'd come read to him gave me such a feeling i can't even begin to describe, i'm glad that my elementary school had that program and i would no doubt do it again in a heartbeat.

  • Please, if someone reads for you, and you feel afraid, RUN. This person does NOT have your best interests in mind. Do not listen to anything they say. It has less to do with what kind of news you are getting, and more to do with who you're opening yourself up to, and their intention towards you. To help or harm you. If you don't feel comfortable, leave immediately. Before you go, pray for protection. Pay attention to the warning signs you're getting from yourself. Pay or free doesn't matter in this regard. I've experienced everything from a cold reading from a guy who just walked up to a group of us in a coffee shop, to a 'store' that I couldn't even enter. And it's not a bad idea to take someone with you. And ask around for references from people you know.

  • Danielle--

    Like the Captain said, you can pursue two interests or aptitudes. This is your passion. Go for it while you're young. It's the only way to learn who you are. People change careers throughout life as they change and grow. Even if your acting career doesn't pan-out as a professional, you can always pursue it in local productions as a hobby or in related fields such as modeling or broadcasting, etc. Sandpiper's advice is sound. Get a second opinion from another reader. Keep that star shining and Good Luck!

  • there are lots and lots of fake readers out there.. on-line, and face to face. what I found interesting here, is that this reader gave you a reading and you are only 14 years old. and then you mentioned she gave readings to your younger siblings. you are supposed to be 18 or older to get a psychic reading, and any professional psychic/intuitive reader would have told you that to prevent liability and from being sued by your legal guardian who are your parents!!!!!

    that is why everywhere you go you see signs that state. must be 18 or older and psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only. and it states that here on these boards.

    this reader you saw sounds like a fake. why I say that? she told you what you are going to be for a living and you are only 14. most likely you will change your mind on what you want to be when you grow up. and because she did not tell you about your acting dream, that is an indication she is not for real.

    there are lots of real good fake readers that know what to tell you especially to a young soul like you.

    additionally, you are not even supposed to be here asking for a reading because you are only 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    oh my

  • AND nothing is written in stone or cast in stone.. anything can be changed, even your destiny!

  • MsSunny-

    what?! are you sure?! i went with my parents when i was 11 to go get a psychic reading, and they never asked for a signature, nothing. i went to the same place and they even gave readings to my two 11 year old siblings. perhaps she was a fraud, and maybe i will change my path as i grow. i know nothing is forever, and i love change. so, who knows? i won't take what she said to heart, i suppose. i know i'm very young, and there's boundless possibilities to what my future has in store for me. thank you for your input as well 🙂


  • sandpiper;

    good luck to you as well, with whatever you are pursuing. i will continue working towards my passion. i love being on stage and i love reading my lines. i have a lot of confidence in a room full of people, but not with a handful. hahaha i don't know why, though. thank you so much 😄 i know i'm young, but i will continue pursuing, and if life has something else in store for me, then we'll just see what happens. 🙂

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