Impact of solar eclipse

  • So I am researching the solar eclipse that will be happening on the 11th and I stumbled across this:

    The symbolic degree of this particular eclipse denotes happiness as an overtone of social integration.

    The heightened impact of eclipse energy can be felt by everyone as much as 3 months in advance and has subtle reverberations for as long as 3 years afterwards. Although the energies are most prominent for a week on either side of the eclipse (many feel a heightened sense of anxiety during this period), the influence on events continues. Eclipse periods are extremely active, often associated with meaningful events and public exposure.

    If your birthday falls around Jan 9, Feb 8 or 22, Mar 9, Apr 9, May 9 or 25, Jun 10, Jul 11, Aug 12 or 27, Sep 12, Oct 12, Nov 11 or 26, or Dec 11, your experiences now will have impact lasting three years. Expect to see current themes begin to develop ambitiously on their own at the end of next April. A full understanding of the impact of this period will take until the end of 2011 to unfold.

    When an eclipse falls on your birthday, you can definitely count on an eventful year ahead. However, it does not have to be in your sun sign for you to feel its effects. If it makes any contacts to a planet or personal point in your chart, your experience of the eclipse will be intensified. A qualified astrologer can determine the placement of an eclipse in your chart and advise you about what to expect, along with how to make the most of the potential offered.

    My birthday is September 12. I'm confused what this all means for me.

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