I really need some insight. Can someone help please?

  • My life is a at a horrible standstill. Can anyone help me? My dob is 12/21/77.

  • hi kikola

    don't know if i can help you or not but when there is a deadening standstill in your life it's usually a time for internal work , your thoughts at this time is critical for what is to come because it dictates the road you take when the wheels start turning again.... you can't figure anything out and everything is cloudy and you don't know what's what but it's all a plan for growth and a place from where creativity spring forth so do not worry and do not think negatively think all positive thought things that you wish in life and for your future ..god bless you and hopefully someone well see your posting and give you a reading for greater insight

  • bump

    hoping you'll get a reading

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