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  • HI there

    I'm new to this site and have a question regarding Scorpios For some reason Scorpio males have been entering my life. The first one is - We met online didnt meet in person cause he was having issues with other women. He got upset with me because I couldnt help with a web page he didnt understand. And told me never ever to email him. Then out of nowhere he invited me to be friends on fb I've emailed him and no response. So I deleted him now he's not on fb anymore!

    The other Scorp again met online told me that I'm too far from him ya right a mere 30 minutes and I'm over a bridge. I dont drink beers like him so its not going to work. Yet he says I'm a nice gal and he sends me emails to call him Seems like he likes our conversation. Aaargh I'm puzzled here. When a Scorpio says No its not going to work are they stubborn about it Should I take what they say at face value or do they not reveal their true feelings to protect their inner boy?

    Any advice would be truly helpful!

  • Hey Carame11o

    Sad to say some scorpios do have commitment problems along with a lot. I say sad to say because i myself am a scorpio. It might take a little work to get to the bottom of what a scorpio guy is planning since we have a habit of picturing the worst case scenario of anything before anything else

  • Thanks Kushikamikba!,

    Wow a long name! Hope I didnt mispell it lol

    So does that mean theres more to meet the eye with Scorpio's. The 2nd Scorp - we spoke last night and he told me there are 5 other women sending him emails Oh and ya he also told me their a lot closer to him than myself - I'm just 30 minutes away Hmmm what was that all about I get the feeling he's not interested at all Zero Zilch! and he dosnt see any future whatsoever but he does phone me and we talk on the phone daily.

    How do I get a Scorpio to reveal his true intentions? And not scare him off?

  • Carame11o

    I am in the same boat as u are...lol I would like to know the same asnswers as do...But mine just came out of a hurt relationship 2 mos ago...he acts like he want a relationship then he dont...so I dont know wat to do...hell hes more moodier and confusing then me and Im a crab..lol so Kushikamikiba so can you tell me what I can do to win his heart. and make him trust me too..even tho hes hurt we do go out and talk on the phone...hes getn over her but still hurts alittle bit he saids..I need help too cuz I dont want to loose him cuz I feel like I need to be there 4 him through his hurt...HELP!!!!

  • Wierd, I'm a scorpio and i dont even know how to fix our indecisiveness. Not sure if it works for all scorpios but my ex used to do something extremely stupid that would send me to the rescue, and thats how i get the final decision that i want to commit. Find his weakness and exploit it in a way that makes him realize what he really wants

  • Hi Tularegrl, KushikamiKiba

    Yes they are confusing arent they! Well this Scorp has also been hurt perhaps he's being cautious like yours soooo he is sending mix message - as dont come to close phones me or sends me messages daily and oh yes also sound jealous when I tell him about other fellows! A puzzle to me.

    Must drive you nuts Tularegrl! Maybe best thing is to be friends with them and let them reveal their true intention but when oh when?

    Good idea Kushi, so what was his weakness and what did you do to exploit it? Got to learn the ways of Scorp here!



  • As a scorp I think two things: one is we like to be different than anything else you have experienced the second thing is we are extremely jealous. So if I was you want to use our traits against us then tell (without going to over the top- just a casual comment or a short conversation) him how he is different (can't be a load of bs) example my "boyfriend" tells me that I always say something unexpected that he can't wait to hear what I think about something. I have to admit I LOVE IT!!! So then use the jealous thing soon after that.... like not being avail when he calls/texts/emails for a few hours.... trust me he will wonder what you are doing and with who esp. if you usually respond quickly. If you can wait to see if he will contact you more than once before you respond. The longer you wait the more he wonder??? Then be somewhat friendly yet vague when you call back. With all of that being said if he doesnt call/text/email then you are not on the radar. We are a subborn, passionate and sometimes obsessive group of people. If he doesn't act interested don't waste your time. Move on and save yourself alot of wondering.

  • Carame11o

    I was talking about myself. being a scorpio most of my examples are of myself since i dont know many scorpios around. What she did was well, she knows i'm very protective and often times extremely protective. she put herself in a position wherein i had to literally save her from drowning

  • funny. i thought of doing that with my scorp. the drowning thing. something major anyway.

    it is true they are afraid of commitment, and are indecisive and its exhausting. i may have lost mine for good- its been two months now- so theoretically i am off his radar. but we have been on and off for six years.. so god knows. i miss him terribly. the last talk was of kids.. but the way he said it- well i was trying to get some truth from him and told him that i was lovable and told him to say it to me, i had just told him he was lovable cos i wanted him to hear that and wanted him to tell himself ,, anyway after he said that i was lovable he just blurted out do you want to have kids with me? we werent even sitting close to each other. did i hit a weak spot with what i said? i wasnt sure how serious he was when he said it. i didnt know what to say.. it is something that i had thought of years ago but thought he hadnt wanted it so i kind of put it to one side .. plus we arent even living together and we had been fighting a bit so we were meant to go to counseling together. anyway i planned for a week away without him even though i had been hoping and wanting him to ask me to go somewhere with him. so think he got angry about that. but he does the ill get u back stuff revenge instead of telling me he is upset. underneath i do think he is trying to find whatever he can to find a fault with me so he doesnt have to commit. i am so confused now. s o i went away we had a fight before that i so it seemed like he wanted me to break it off so i did( in hindsight i think he was just upset about me going- he keeps saying its double standards that he should be able to go too- i never said he couldnt, but i think it wouldve been better if we couldve gone together- i mean why not???) anyway blah blah i came back for the counselling apt and he didnt show up . i got upset . he hung up on me .. now stand off. two months. what do i do now??????????????i do miss him, but i dont want to get rejected again..

  • Hi Zea,

    K I've just done what you've mentioned. But I've emailed him previously and told him how I wanted to go for a walk hmmm with a short reply from him this time Just got home will be going to sleep. Ha ha ha right he was up longer on the online dating site! I'll test him and see if he contacts me or I'm just dreaming that I am on his radar. Thanks for the advice will definetly move on if he doesnt show any interest He is taking up my time here lol


  • Well mine txts me off and on but its short messages also..But this past days we have been spending time together (the nite we met 25th then that sun and Tues wed thurs (nites )calls or txts on thoses days but only had a short txt last nite at 10:00 pm askn wat im doing...then after that a good nite txt but havet heard from him yet today..Im tryn so hard not to txt him or even call him but its like a magnet thats pushn me to do it..I need the strenght not too txt him..or call him...I want to see if he really wants to b with me or even likes me..I feel like some time Im being played by him but then I dont..I have falln for this man real bad and I mean bad..I cant get him off my mind or out of my heart..Its killn me...I know he still tryn to get over the hurt that the B***H did to him, but he tells me he dont want to hear her name or even talk about her any more, so I dont...I hate it when he keeps his wall up and wont take it down..Some days when hes happy and we are having a good time I can see and feel him taking his wall down anletn me in for awhile and then poof he sees hes doing it and there goes the wall right up..Im so confused and hurt...I dont want to leave him and I dont think that I can...All I want is for him to trust and love me and let me love him and prove to him that Im not her and I will never hurt him like she did..I feel like Im the one whos getn punished not her or him...I thought that Scorpios & Cancers feel and see the same thats why we get along so well..I can feel and see his pain in him and its ackn me real bad..I dont know wat to do to help him or me..I need help...Plz some one tell me and dont tell me to leave him cuz I cant ok..HELP Cancer in love

  • I understand what your going through but I guess I cant really feel the same way over my Scorp. being a Gemini - I've made up my mind on meeting up with other men while he's trying to decide a yes or a no - well he says its a no but I'm sure theres more than he's revealing cause he keeps contact via email and phone calls! Oh well! In the meantime I'm hanging with out with my other male pals - who knows they may be my match after all I just need one guy and wont know who it is if I dont actually get to know them.

    Hey Cancer Girl I know you wont like my advice but why put your eggs in one basket? He hasnt commited to you yet and in doing so time is ticking. My suggestion is to be friends with ur Scorp and meet other fellows too like me Gemini Girl!

  • yeah I figure that I should do that cuz its draining me..so im just gona keep him on the side just like he does me and see where it may lead to him or to someone else...This is killn me to let him go too, but im sure my hurt will heal I hope..Its just hes everything that I have been prayn for too..Owell i guess life just suck for ppl who have good hearts that just want to be loved and appreciated for once...I thought that Scorpios & Cancer where a Match...Thanks

  • Well Im done with my scorpio, he was using and playn me the whole time we was together..I found that out last nite when I confront him...So he dumped me lets say on Thursday nite but didnt have the balls to tell me its over untell last nite when i confront him whats was going on...So im done with all scorpio men...taurus,gemini and Libra men they all are cheater, player and liars to me...sry that is just how I feel right now and im not ever gona put my wall down again for any man.ever again .or even trust..again..its just hard to believe any more

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