Past Life/Life Purpose Readings

  • Is there anyone out there who is experienced in these Past Life readings or Life Purpose readings? And can do them remote? I am an accurate reader for others but cannot read for myself. Born August 21st, 1978 at 3:17p, in the northern midwest (CT)

  • Good Luck to you! If you have time, please, please, can you do me a past life reading, I heard one theory already. Sorry to intrude, Blessed Be. If so 11/20/65.:)

    P.S. There used to be a lady named Soap Maker, who did them.

  • Can I please join. Can any ony here do them

  • wow, um seems this a huge resonating theme for souls right now , karmic issues from our deep deep past are surfacing..i am too lookin for answers right now ..if any one can give a reading or idea on current transits verus natal chart my DOB is 4/28/82 2.50 am MST santa fe,NM male we are in a huge huge karmic week as planets aspect our lunar nodes so it s a big week of reckoning or fixing past karma..thank you to all in this forum who may be able to help us souls on our journey

  • Leoempath and Gorgeoustaurus,

    I'm also looking for guidance or answers.

    Leoempath, I've received some good advice from The Captain regarding Life Purpose.

    Gorgeoustaurus: "we are in a huge huge karmic's a big week of reckoning or fixing past karma." I'm learning, clueless, & skeptical all at the same time about what I read here but I cannot deny the full moon's influence over me. Normally, I'm full of energy during a full moon but there's something different happening now & I'm not taking advantage of it.

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