Will I meet my lifepartner/soulmate this year? Interpretation help rop

  • I just started learning tarot and I asked the Divine if I will meet my soulmate/lifepartner this year?

    The cards were laid as follows

    1. Ten of Pentacles (Reversed)

    2. Queen of Wands

    3. The Sun (Reversed)

    4. The Wheel of Fortune

    5. Ten of Swords (Reversed)

    6. Knight of Wands

    7. Four of Wands (Reversed)

    8. Five of Wands (Reversed)

    9. The Lovers (Reversed)

    10. The Hermit (Reversed)

    In January, I met a tarot reader in person who was recommended to me by several friends. Most of her predictions on career and social life manifested to a T. Till this day I am amazed at how she was able to give me names of people I was going to meet who became mentors and enhanced my career. I gave it 6 months and only this manifested. She predicted that I was going to meet 3 men who I found romantically interesting and who were going to court me. Till this day, NADA!

    I will be turning 30 in August and I go back and forth with sadness and optimism. I wonder if I will finally meet my life partner or will be in a love "drought" for years to come. It has been 2 years since I dated and its been a learning process, but I have to admit, I still yearn for my life partner.

    Could someone please help shed some light on my own reading? My interpretation is that things will not change for quite sometime, is this accurate?

    Thanks in advance


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