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  • GOod Afternoon Blmoon

    this is Illona again. I do apologize if I am being a pain. But I just want to see what you had to say about Aug 28th. I want to go and see a friend of mind that I have not seen in years. And I want to know what you think. Well this be a good reunion. His name is Stevie his dob is April 13 1955

    and my dob is 07-12- 61. Is the person that you see the passion in Nov with.

    Thanks so much


    PS> don't main to be a pain. Thanks

  • you are not being a pain but you should lose the fantasy and concentrate more on moving forward and growing. You are stuck on "glory days". You can't go back. Part of what you seek is just plane part of younger days and the kind of freedom without strings attached that no longer fits. You will no way recapture that time and you have changed and so has he. There is something superfcial about him now that will not fill your cup. You are no longer a follower--your life has changed. What you crave is real--a connection to someone but you are not that old person and the connection you truelly crave is something more stable--you just don't know that. I hesitated responding because I sense that you will not believe what anyone says and won't be convinced untill you do see him again. That's fine--in fact it will open your eyes to see him again but I can absolutely say it will not be anything you have imagined. I see he is attached but that wouldn't matter if he wasn't as this man is not relationship material. He is married to his music and he is not faithful to any one person--he lives in the moment. It's the kind of freedom that looks attractive from the outside but really most people outgrow that with age and maturity. Like I said--we all have those glory days that seem better than we remembered but look deeper and ask yourself were those days really that great? Truth is at the time you didn't think you were so happy then ---you craved stability and family and less crazy. The grass is always greener comes to mind. Be happy were you are now and be open to a new connection that will come with finding a connection with yourself. Hooking up with him would only hold you back. You've grown. Apreciate that for what its worth. You'll get it when the time comes so don't waste your time projecting your energy in that direction. Don't let it diistract you from all the goals you committed yourself to. Put that energy into the mind body spirit connection and you WILL attract a NEW friend. Blessings.

  • Good Evening Blmoon

    Thank You so much. You are right I guess I am don't want to listen to anyone. For some reason there is something that I have to do I don't know what that is. But I guess I will see that when I see him. So that is Stevie he as always been that way. I do believe that I was happy but who would not have been happy in those days. But I do understand what you are saying about me. But I really don't think that I want to be serious with anyone at the moment because of what happen with my other friend. I just think that right at the moment that is what I want to live in the moment thing and nothing else. And when that special person comes in Nov I will be ready but there is something that I need to do with Stevie it would have been a while ago but I just did not want not be faithful to the other one. And I really should have just as wild as a jay bird with the other one cause he was not no good for me at all. I know that we won't get married me and Stevie and I am not looking for a long time relationship just something to do. I know that may not sound like me but at the moment that is all I need. Something to make me come out my shell and be Illona again. One question you said that there is something superfical about him is it something that he told me when we was talking on the phone. Or is there something else that he did not tell me. He is very open with me and we have not ever hide anything from each other we have been honest so I hope what he told me was all I needed to know.

    Illona sorry I took so long to answer I could not remember this password

    thanks so much Illona

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  • Like I said---you made up your mind with a passion. Yet you are not sure enought to feel confident in your desicion. You still ask for validation so you must trust that gut feeling as well that there is a caution sign hanging over your expectations. You will get something positive out of going ---it just won't be as you imagined. Let me know around thanksgiving how it worked for you. Blessings

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    I don't know who put this there and I have reported it and hope that they take it off soon.


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