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  • Rchi u no find me on fb?

  • Hi torgirl44

    he seems to be a very creative man, getting new ideas & working on

    them, even in the relationship he takes the lead...a dominating

    personality. But now you r deciding to take command take the action.

    Sometimes you have to decide make a choice for what is important for

    you, he will provide a very safe environment to you, give you the

    luxurys of life fulfill your needs.

    He does love you, but somehow I dont see this relationship lasting

    long....just destiny.

    Hope this helps you.


  • CWB,

    I do not have a professional a/c on FB it is just I do not add anyone relating to work on it sorry.

    But I did see your pic. here. Tell me exactly your question for the reading.

  • Wow Rchi,

    You are very gifted and seem to really understand this relationship. He has a very commanding personality and does like to take the lead. I think he loves me but I don't think he'll ever be able to commit to being with me fully. Do you see this as the reason for the relationship not lasting? Do you see me breaking off the relationship eventually.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read for me. I really appreciate it.

  • Rchi i ask be im not all fond to smack the guys up here but i reckon i have not much choise. same q´s as b4 but if it gets stronger n clearer with photos.


    okies the guy at the podium is Charlie and below is Alden Rchi.

    i hope with shots it works more. Boy hell im nervous now oh wow

    high heels club ............................ pour one im coming .......

  • i have an added one Rchi, n its what the H is alden so deeply scared off?

    i so wanna understand but its ..............grrrrr ............


  • I would love a reading... dob 9/30/50... relationship with 6/1/51

    What do you forsee for my business and my relationship?

  • CWB

    I have to say now that even I am, with both you have good prospects, now you have to choose which one, lol


    He is thinking of marriage or some kind of contract he has signed which is really high on his mind right now, in his heart he is hoping for a happy family- husband wife kids with u,

    overall, there is a movement with him,'coz of some tough times but you will together come out of it. He is scared of the commitment i think, he wants to give u a family

    in his heart in his mind he knows thats what u want & somehow it is

    that what scares him. If he has not entered with any company or

    starting a new business.

    with charlie-you have some confusion, something you feel stuck about

    but with him also there is full family you him....&

    money improvements also, together you 2 will be spending money on

    your home, on luxurys.

    Cards say u should choose the man with the following characteristics....

    who is very intellectual, applie logic & reasoning, commanding high

    respect & position in society, talented in games,very adept at verbal

    skills, a writer, a speaker, just, a moral leader, against corruption.

    I know now alden is a writer, but does he match all other

    characteristics he starting some new business.

    Who is loving friendly but distant also.

    Now you know better who matches these characteristics.

    I think both are very close personality wise.


  • Rhci could you help me please?

    What do you see in regard to me trying to connect with my friend (G). He is going through a transition now with his personal and professional life; which is the reason as to why he is acting like a hermit this Summer.

    Do you see him reaching out to me in the next 3 weeks?

    Myself: April 21, 1973

    My Friend: June 30,1950

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • Hi Danr

    I think the guy is in a fight with himself he is fighting a war

    within himself, denying his true feelings keeping his heart closed,

    afraid to act, he has created a barrier between others & himself so no

    1 can hurt him nor can he.

    Is it that financially you are well off than him? Maybe he feels like

    giving you the best of the best, not just provide but to provide

    luxurys, or are u 2 working a successful business together.

    It looks more like a puppy love, such close friends, there is

    innocence, lightness, enjoyment in each other's company.

    If you 2 r not in business together, I think you are just plain

    lucky for eachother financially.

    But you have to watch carefully where you want to take your relation

    'coz there is a chance you can get hurt. Together you 2 r very

    creative & may decide on a new venture too, but for now its no Love.

    Best wishes


  • This post is deleted!

  • Rchi im so blown away. i dunno what to say at all. never in a million years did i guess Alden also wanted what i want n that he KNEW it all. It blows me away,

    any deeper insight on charlie regard me? i feel u had so much more to report lol

    thanx i SO owe u. wow simply WOW.

    cwb blown away

  • Ahm Rchi im also puzzled by what Alden told me. He refers to his 2 kids age 24 n 22 n then later all i have in photos r 2 stepkids. i asked him so u had 4 kids in ur household or r u saying ur kids r ur stepkids that u as u has no biological kids of ur own?.

    i woinder what ur cards say on this bc he never replied. mayb ashamed? embarressed???


  • Ok im certifiable. An old pal of mine reminded me of him and he would like toknow what u Rchi see for him n me. He is an aries april 7 1962 Roma italy adoptee to americans.

    I call him Connor, as its his surname lol

    I hope im not overburdening you Rchi, but i promised him i´d ask.

    Thanx i owe u gabillions times now.

    cwb feeling kinda stupido lol

  • Dear Rchi

    i am deeply impressed by your readings and your patience. Only if you can find time , could I ask for a reading? I have recently retired - rather unwillingly - but feel there is a 2nd career out there for me. Could I ask generally, what you see? D.o.b 28th January '50 @4.5am in London.

    Thank you so much.I would be pleased to do your chart to reciprocate if you wish?

    Peace and love.

  • hi elaine,

    health wise you have really really been having sleepless nights, crying waking at night worried....all that worry possible. Finances should be good at this time....if you made some investment, you should be getting returns on it now.

    I do not see very good health & finances maybe too in near future, but it wont be anything you cant handle, rather if you look around, help should be close by.

    All the best


  • Bellasweden

    Your chances with either are not gone, but they seem less.

    Most probably no one in Tom's life, romantically.


  • HI vinexbeauty82,

    For you & robert, there is a very strong love connection, a bond long term relationship turning into marriage also.

    In your career, you seem to feel stuck frustrated, tied-down, you have to remember everything cannot be the way it looks from the outside, it look all glitter & glamor from outside but not actually be so. You are like balancing to ends, torn between job & family or job & business.

    Career wise if you do business, or planning to start a new venture it should be good.

    Best wishes


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