• CWB,

    Flat, not so soon but eventually, if things work out, try to buy one end of the year.


  • Rchi - Well, personal life my ex husband wants me back but I do not love him. However, I do feel close to him for the advice and all. It;s just that I do not want him back as a husband. But I think he would come here if I said yes. Otherwise I am simply not ready to allow a man into my personal space.

  • Rchi, i dont know if this tilts this, but libra writer is an armybrat n he himsefl obtained rank as captain in the us army.

    cwb feeling silly now.

    ps on flat i oughta then say pass? was it like its a turkey as well?

  • Rchi would photo´s help? if so look me up on facebook there i use bente millek, icon photo is of a longhaired gal with horns LOLOL

  • Hello Rchi~

    I hope you are having a blessed day 🙂

    I see were Ladycdf requested a reading from someone else but you came on board and answered. Sometimes we may ask of a certain reader but another feels guided to deliver the message and we should not question but be open to what they are telling us. Anyway that being said, I see that many have posted and you have graciously been of service and you will be blessed many times 🙂

    If it is okay, I would like to request guidance from you as well. I have a very close friendship with a man, we are such good friends and I love him dearly but sometimes he confuses me. Lol! He has told me that he's never had a such a close friendship with a woman and that none of his relationships have lasted as long as the one he has with me. He uses the term relationship, I call it friendship cause that is what it is! Lol! He tells me that I have a very special place in his heart and always will and he never wants to lose what we have...but it is just friendship. Anyway, over the past year, several times he will out of the blue just throw things in like sometimes I wonder if we are supposed to be together or my friends ask why we don't hook up or my family asks why we don't get together...and we both just kinda laugh it off or make some sort of sarcastic remark then we change the subject. I don't know if he's trying to see what my reaction will be or if this is something that he wants? I would like to explore the possibility but I also don't want to do anything to jeopardize the friendship. What do you get on you see us getting together or should I put that thought out of my head? My dob is 5-21-64. I guess I'd really like to know if there is a possiblity that we really are supposed to be together or is there someone else for both of that we are meant to be with?

    Thank you in advance for anything you may be able to see. If you don't get anything, that's fine...maybe someone else may see this and get something on it!

    Have a wonderful day and many blessings to you 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Danr

    If you want to know the kind of connection....relation between you & this friends of yours, you will also need to give me his birthdate. That way i shall be able to read for you what he feels for you.

    By your birthdate I can only read how you feel or what will be in your life.

    Best always


  • CWB sorry I didnt get your question.

    If you are asking between Charlie & alden who....then from the last reading I think its charlie & ofcourse you need to match the nature characteristics also that I mentioned in this reading.

    Let me know if you were wanting to ask something else.


  • Ladycdf,

    Sometimes there may not be love right away but a fondness develops. probably he has matured & understood his mistakes become more responsible & wants to give you the protection & the love.

    He may be wanting to have a family life with you. In my last reading I had said there r more chances of you getting back with him. Give yourself the time.

    I will certainly do a reading for you again to make things clearer.


  • I did ask LOL if it would help with photos lololololol

    ye charlie is VERY telepathic lol n LOUD LOLOLOL

  • yes, seeing photos always helps. CWB

  • Rchi!

    is my chance with them (Bill and Tom) gone? Like, will it never happen? No, bill is not a childhood-friend...he is someone I have had a crush on for a long time.

    Can you see if we are meant to be for life? Either Bill or Tom and if Tom has a girlfriend

    I don´t know if I should continue to hope and belive it will happen or not, my cards used to say yes when I asked them and now they are only saying no, is it because I asked to many times?

    Will I move soon and meet someone soon?

  • Rchi,

    If i may have a reading as well it would be most appreciated, If you are still up for it. My name is Stephanie my dob is 08-24-1982. i was wondering what you could tell me about my aquarius his name is Robert dob 02-11-1981, will anything come of us and when. and if you could tell me anything you see about my career? if you can find time to squeeze me in that would be great. if you have stopped taking request then please just ignor this, Thank you for your time.

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  • okies ill try n see if tarot will play along lol

  • Damn tarot ........................... Rchi ya have facebook? if so add me Bente Millek icon look as

  • I can see ur pic. CWB, will do the reading.

    Everyone, will try & do everyone's reading by tomorrow.

    Bellasweden, yes, you should not keep asking them same question again & again 'coz the negative energy of the fear then comes out in the readings also.

    How about this, you do as i have said in my earlier readings & in a week or so we'll do your reading again, with a fresh mind.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Rchi - Clear your head and take a while. I am darn tuckered out. I don't really want to think relationship for a while. Yes, my ex has definitely grown, but he stomped out the love I had years ago. I am not able to bear anymore children either, just a note.

  • Good day to ya Rchi 🙂

    Guess I guess it would help to have the dob of both! Lol! 5-21-64 & 7-6-68.

    I'll post a pic of me if that helps, well at least get a better "feel" for me. Lol! I haven't asked his permission to post his so I can't post his.

    Thanks in advance! Blessings to ya 🙂

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