• Dear Rchi!

    Can you help me?

    I need to know: Will I become a successfull makeup artist? Get a job as it soon and work as a private makeup artist for a rockband?

    Can you see when it will happen and what I must do to make it happen?

    I also wonder: Can you see if I get married before I turn 24?

  • Rchi

    Im back to say thanx again. Its so dead on its scary. im happy to see u somehow has followed the thread Lack of respect n High Heels club, if not, join us.

    Am before barging on, may i ask for an additional reading? you may say no and im cool with it.

    Again than u so much for the first one.



  • One more thing Rchi!

    Will I move to hamburg anytime soon to work as a makeup artist?

    What must I do to make it happen?

    Will I date a rockstar when I live in Hamburg? I need a musician:P

    My birthdate is 11th of august 1989 and full name Gabriella, but don´t forget the last post on page 4, that is also mine and I would deeply apperciate your help

  • ladycdf, i wanna apologize for barging on ur thread not once but twice. i was rude n i wish to apologize many times. im sorry sweetie.

    May i b forgiven?

    cwb humbly n embaRESSED

  • Hi Bellasweden,

    You r a student or have u finished the course?

    there is money coming your way, so that means you shud get a job

    soon, if u dont have one. You have some dream hope. To make such

    a wish true, you have to work hard for it. You wish high but

    then somewhere become lazy. Remember to make your dreams real, you

    have to put in hard work. This dream job you want, make sure it is

    what you think it is...sometimes when you get something its actually

    not at all like you imagined or u wanted. Take a new outlook to things

    take a moment, look back & see if thats what u exactly want, maybe a

    new outlook to things is required.

    there prob. will be some oppostion for you being a makeup artist.

    it looks difficult. U wont be working for the rockband either.

    No u wont get married before u r 24.

    It is amazing so many times same cards came out for you, & u wont be

    moving to Hamburg.

    I think destiny has somethingelse instored for

    you, something much better. Look beyond, look farther, sit back &


    If you are having frustrations, sleepless nights, dont let this

    happen. It shud soon end. Someone who is caring, wise, who gives you good advice will help u in ur professional career.

    Some strong, intelligent, honest personality perosn may come in your

    life this winter.

    Hope this answers your questions.

    Best wishes


  • Hi CWB,

    Go ahead please, ask what you want to know.


  • CWB. It's alright. Does not matter!

  • Rchi -

    I would like to ask you to revisit my reading.

    Job: You said March should become permanent, but my question is if you got the number 3 and think it's March. I discovered that the terms of my agency contract is that the company can hire me after 3 months of service. The job and workload seem to me that I could get my permanent job in 3 months. It is very high level and ongoing and my meeting with the Vice President today makes me think that I will get an offer after 3 months.

    As for the man. I realize that I must let go, but the sadness is so overwhelming sometimes. And I feel so empty. I go out but still there is a large empty space and I do not understand how we didn't make it. I have a very strong intuitive sense about me and am empathic. I have been told by others (because I don't trust my own feelings sometimes) over and over that 2-3 years and he will go through some very hard things and discover that at least he must come back to my life at least to apologize and clean up the mess he left. That he is unhappy and has to go through some lessons. The thing is... I have this SAME thing in my head. I have since last summer when I thought that his ex wife was trying to manipulate him back to being with her (which happened). Can you connect with this once more for me?



  • "Someone who is caring, wise, who gives you good advice will help u in ur professional career.

    Some strong, intelligent, honest personality perosn may come in your

    life this winter."

    is that Bill? his birthdate is 1st of september 1989 or Tom, same year and date, but Tom has a girlfriend, hasn´t he?

  • Thank u So much ladycdf. Its appreciated, i wish u to join the thread HIGH HEELS CLUB. we all have a blast over there. all happyness laffs n good times. Plz do join us.


  • Rchi thank u so much. so kind of u. i truely appreciate this.

    1st q, my back will it ever be okay again or is it a thing i hafta learn to live with? my back issues contain, 2 whiplash traumas, one bad lower back injury, so far 2 lumbagos severe, sciaticnerveissues, n crooked back starting from the tailbone n up 3 links.

    2nd, i spoke to Charlie n i felt i made his day, that was on july 4 2010. if he wasnt expected at a parade i felt he would have spoken for days. now i wonder when ill catch him again n if he has the time to talk or what it will be? i feell his marriage is ending but like something hinders the last dumb tangants to get there. why is he so hard to get on phone? and that makes me wonder am i stalking him n is he annoyed or pleased withthis , or how is it seen by guides?

    u spoke of a message, elaborate plz.

    3rd Alden seems to have regained his joire de vivre, cest for life, but its like he moves away from me yet he moves like a crab, sideways but eyes on target. i dunno what to make of it, it confuses me.

    Im antsy to relocate closer to them n the friend i hold most dear is USA. N im nervous to be moving closer to spending money on stuff that basically aint supposed to, such as new home, books for education n stuff. Do u see who how when is going to stretch out to help me relocate if i at all relocate to the US?

    By all this am i pondering my chances of motherhood. Who when n where if u can see it. That would be a help.

    I know many will groan now as ive asked all this so so so many times before, BUT so many things has changed since. Such as the way Alden n i communicate, he now uses smileys, something he has NEVER done before. Not in the uh 10 years ive known him now. also that Charlie n i have spoken on the phone a few short times is also very new n so unlike the wya of how it has gone so far. useally it was emails n silences n my own gut intuition. now its somuch more. N i think any in my position would ask. I see so many others ask aswell so why not me ? LOL

    Tidbit about me, im single not married no kids whatsoever. Im in love with both Charlie and Alden. both in each their way. Both have qualities i love n like in which i find reflected in myself as well. N if any has been in love with 2 or 3 diff persons at the same time, knows what its like to b in my position. N since both has become more communicative, it arises even more puzzlements n questions n not but least HOPE.

    As for y ive held on, simple, ive always felt that Charlie n i have unfinished business, n Alden n i could have more IF i keep at his pace. Since i have .............. well smileys n long talks on phone is a result ................ slow n steady.

    my antsy is i feel strong ill relocate to usa but not how or by with through whom.

    Ok ill shut up now as i babble n repeat myself LMAO

    cwb hovering low to floor headed for the HIGH HEELS CLUB for Margeritas de jour to return to joire de vivre lol

  • Someone who is caring, wise, who gives you good advice will help u in ur professional career.

    Some strong, intelligent, honest personality perosn may come in your

    life this winter."

    is that Bill? his birthdate is 1st of september 1989 or Tom, same year and date, but Tom has a girlfriend, hasn´t he, he has been seen with a brunette is she his girlfriend?

    Does Bill or will they both stay single until i meet them?


  • Hi Ladycdf

    1st of all so sorry for the delay in replying back.

    At work- There may be some very important news coming to you.

    Are you quite popular at work, confident & charming, very passionate.

    Be Adventerous but do not become restless, or over confident.

    Keep an attractive porfile at work, do not become cheezy though. This

    should get you places.

    In perosnal life- There are chances of new love in you life, mature

    love, reliable,where you will feel you can turn to him for advice

    he may propose to you too.

    Overall- It is good to dream, but sometimes you start seeing things

    that you want to & do not see the practicality of it.

    Do not deceit yourself. Do not believe in illusions.

    See the reality of things both at work & personal life.

    I do not think you become permanent in this job with in 3mths. I

    think it will be next yr.

  • Sorry to everyone, I will be doing your readings today. Please excuse me for the delay.

  • Hello Rchi,

    I wonder if you'd be kind enough to also do a reading for me. Can you please tell me if you think this relationship I am in is something to pursue, will it be a long lasting relationship? My date of birth is July 31, 1965 and his is April 14, 1968.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Rchi is ok we all know at times that this place here needs must has to take a back seat to REAL life n REAL dealings. The bump was so the thread wouldnt get lost on page 4 or so lol


  • Bellasweden,

    I dont think it is any of bill & tom. With Bill- remember all that glitters is not gold. Is your childhood friend? A cozy feeling a happy time with him now, may not mean a happy lifetime. Give your mind & body a break, give it some rest, give this relation some break.

    With tom- Realise the truthfulness of this relationship. Sometimes you have to look deeper. It is time to move on, end the old things & beginning of a new outlook.



  • WHOA! did i just AGAIN got bumped BACK in line? did someone just get ALLOWED ahead in on me???? WHOA! ............................... i hope not LOL

    Rchi i have an added q to ask, new flat jay or nay?


  • Hi CWB's your reading once again sorry in the delay.

    Certainly the back has been a major issue & has involved alot of

    bedrest also, but i dont see anything in future so I am guessing

    it should get better. Somethings you will not be allowed or able to

    do with this back problem, please avoid doing them. Is it that you

    get in a debate with yourself...coz you want to do ceratin things

    & you know its not good for the back & you keep frustrating & fighting

    yoursefl. The more rest you give it the sooner it will heal.

    I can see how strongly you are feeling the urge to be a mom, to have

    kids to love them take care of is not too far, there is

    happiness, family life, marriage maybe, soon for you.

    But do not decieve yourself or dream of having a family with some1

    you know will not be possible. Beginning next year is a possible

    time for your pregnancy.

    A strong man, millitary man like attitude & aptitude, disciplined,

    strong willed, confident...the characteristics of the man you have a

    family with.A man in uniforem.

    Probably a cancerian, but do not let this affect your

    judgemnt you analyse yourself, if there is anyone who fits this

    characteristic. I just read that Charlie is a firman & cancerian.

    Still I will say all the charecteristics should match so use your


    I think I had told you earlier that charlie probably will help you


    Lol now you'll say I am confusing you, but is there some sort of an

    ego issue between you & charlie or a power issue.

    An issue to choose....if your instincts are right you choice will

    also be right. I see love, a marriage too with Charlie & again

    together you develop innovative projects, does one of you has

    natural artistic qualities. Lots of positive energy & enthusiasm.



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