• Greetings Rchi

    It seems others are NOT as courtesious as I am asking if you wanna read them at all, and awaiting a yes and no. I fear Ill be overrun and missed while others barge in ahead of me in the line. I hope you wont allow them that. In that order I post the information I think you may need. If you need more dear Rchi, please let me know asap.

    and now:

    May I ask for a reading insight by you?

    Im a pisces march 10 1972 born

    My issues are:

    Which man, charlie cancerian fireman( june 25 1941) or alden writer libra (oct 4 1937) is for me? ye ye i know of the diff in age LOL

    Relocation in the town i am now or different country?

    how if different country?

    Who helps me relocate?'

    What work / education will I be doing?

    Pregnancy, when

    Who is the dad`?

    Which man do i marry if i marry at all?'

    I say this because i have no prob not marrying if they aint interessted.

    Whats the deal with my oldest friend connor, aries born april 7 1962 Rome Italy?

    Will my back EVER be okay again?

    N last whatever else u see feel get.'

    Thank you so ever much.


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  • _FOR CWB

    ---With Charlie

    A travel to overseas land, waiting for ur new ideas to be fulfilled

    you both will make ideas & dream & business succesful & real,

    prsperity abundance.

    YOu have a taste for the best & he attract the wealth & you 2 make

    it real, enterprising warm relaible, nurturing, big hearted is your


    In both cases be giving too share wealth...spread wealth, & you

    inturn will receive all that u r looking for.

    You shud soon be getting a news or msg, making things clearer for

    you, there is certainly love here...but you also need to be strong

    & stand your ground, do not fear stand for yourself.

    ---With Alden

    You dare to do what no one does, you have taken a risk, been bold,

    tried to do everything to fulfill ur dreams. Travel is seen again.

    Near water probably.

    It seems with him you dare to dream, you see hope, inspriration

    & motivation.

    With him you will see the world with a new eye, from a new angel

    you will overturn your old priorities.

    More of a factual relation, being straight fwd & truthful, being

    upfront, experienced, here you tend to let yourself go, vulnerable.

    A feeling to sacrifice being the martyr...somehow u see things from

    another veiwpoint, romantic maybe but i donot see romance here.

    ---The main issue on your mind for your life is money right now,

    having material abundance, settling down, finding success.

    But money is also the issue that is not letting you feel settled &

    moving on, maybe u lost a job,or had bad health trouble time was

    there, not too bad but yes thinsg werent good.

    Patience and leting go is the key.

    Seeing things from a new prospective.Face up the situation, understand

    and size it up quickly. Be direct. The things are not as bad as you

    seem to feel, it is not the end, yes pain or suffering has been there

    but it is more mental than actually something serious. It will go soon

    Hard work will pay, money will also come...enough maybe not alot but

    enough so you can rest back & see your work paid.

    Seek guidance from within. You are wuite mysterious, but do not keep

    secrets from yourself. If they are anythings which you have wanted to

    knwo you will know them now.

    There is definitely a movement a relocation, probably by water.

    You hope top create a secure environment for yourself, to nurture to

    give the best money can get for your family. To have the best for

    kids, having a stability in your life.

    You have the quality to be the leader now so lead the way go where

    you see possibilities, you can make things happen for you.

  • I want to do a reading for everyone will do so soon too, but I miss in between, 'coz so many people on 1 thread can you open another thread for me please.

    Angelwing I am sorry....You gave the details so I will do the reading again. The one i did was without any details.

  • Rchi

    My apologizes as I was unable to reply properly,. Your reading for me blew me away, i was so happy so surprised that im was stumped, speechless. I still am.

    I am gonna re read this so many times and i pray in time i am able to thank you in a proper decent welldone kind of way.

    For now thank u thank u thank u, im so appreciative.


  • Hi Angelwing

    Have you recently started something new, or moved to a new location or job? Probably somewhere from this new place should come in your life, a person who is very calm & wise very caring.

    Do no block yourself to the new emotions, feelings for the fear of getting hurt. Open your heart, there is love & you will get it but you r trying too hard to keep in your own mind that you are not seeing the opportunity.

    Wish you luck


  • Hi Zepagain,

    It is time to end the undecidedness in your life, all the hardwork you have put in will give you results soon...its just a step away. Financially things should be good, very good. If you are planning a business it should work great. Movement is seen. Remember the change will be for better the worst is over, you have come out of the worst, so things should be better.

    Luck always!


  • Hi Pilot007,

    Some job opportunity should have come for you, if not then it is coming soon. Are you a soldier or some sort of military trainer?

    There will be a movement of residence for, but this will be the job, your dream job & providing you all that you want.

    the movement may get you some romantic opportunities also.

    All the Best!


  • Hi Monisha,

    ---With Aniket

    Hope you are not deceiving yourself....seeing & imagining a beautiful picture & closing your eyes to the danger & real situation.

    If you are daring but reckless/rash, confident but boasting, it will hurt you. It is good to be adventurous but be practical, there will be a feeling of rejection, loneliness, but you can get over it you just need to be open & see things clearly.

    ---love prospects

    There is happiness, family life for you. You may be meeting someone soon, a friend from long ago. You just need to break the chains that are binding you. You are caught up in an unhealthy situation, the sooner you break out of it the better.

    You maybe getting married soon too, or becoming a part of some kind of an organisation, religious or otherwise. Basically you will take up old traditional path.

    Hope this helps.

    best wishes


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  • bump

  • Hi Rchi,

    you must be exhausted, but if not could you also do my reading?

    Half hsipanic and half italian; dob 11/12/1981 8:25 a.m. Pretoria, South africa

    1. Currently Im in a job that I love the people but the work is boring and unsatifying (currently at work), but the employemtn situation and lay offs in NYC is terrible. Whats in store?

    2. I care for someone very much dob: 6/2/1985, but he is not verbally responsive and leaves me very insecure about how he feels. There is another person dob: 01/26/1977, who shows alot of interest and I have laughs with him all the time, but find myself still thiking off my cancerian.

    3. Family is in turmoil in general, and my mom in a lot of pain due to a sibling- will this change?

    Thank you a ton!


  • Hi Scorpioninlove

    1. You have for inspiration, you have found your inner strength, you have faith, you know you can do better, but still you are sitting pretty, holding tight what you have & not trying anything new. You are so scared of loosing what you have, that you do not want to spend any of it on anything. If you have something to give or share do it. It will help fulfill your wish. You want everything around to remain same, but still get more of something materialistic. If you are resisting change that is truly needed, you may actually suffer more loss....loss of health, wealth or support. Look carefully there maybe better options for you & hope & you know inside what is the best, so listen to your heart.

    2 & 3 I will read soon too.

  • Dear Rchi,

    May i please have a reading? Cant get reply from any others.

    my dob- 3-4-64 and my husbands is 11-10-64. Been having family and money problems, any insight will be helpful. Thanks

  • Thank you so much Rchi, I was worried I may have added to the flood of requests and overwhelmed you. Again thank youfor taking the time. R

  • Hi Witchywomen

    There seem to be quite a few problems, feeling loneliness, loss of health or money.

    Look carefully there may be some one offering you help, some help is right there, you are just not looking. Maybe you haven't yet seen it or you don't want to take it. But take if you need & give if you have more, there is no harm. Your financial situations will improve soon. If you have any legal issues to settle financially now is the time. hope fully you will be able to balance the ups & downs of your relationship & a new love will blossom again.

    All the Best


  • Scorpioninlove,

    2. I don't see much love with any of the 2 men you mentioned.

    Definitely with the 1st guy, there is & will be alot of frustrations, the Gemini guy...june 2nd is Gemini not cancer. I advice not to go ahead with him.

    With the 2nd guy, born Jan. there is lot of excitement & enthusiasm, high spirits, good energy.

    I think this will get good in your life, probably marriage too with him. May not be love exactly but a very cordial & happy relation.

    3. The time has come for your mother to make the final decision, has she been avoiding something she knows, needs to be done...she knows its the right thing? She should do it now.

    Its been causing a lot of irritations, feeling tied down, bound, doubting. It may be a painful but 1 decision needs to be made. Eventually, it will be victorious and for the best. It may also get your mother a pat on the back....that a good decision made.

    Hope this is all you wanted to know.


  • Again thank you so much for your time. I messed up on the date while typing it in, his dob 7/2/2010. But never the less I still agree and see your point about the 2 men- and will try to stay clear of them.

    You hit it quite right on my mother, there is a decision for her to make but which would be the right one :(. After 15 years of struggling with my sister and her borderline personality she is going to just cut off ties. She is very depressed about it, but my sister was quite verbally abusive.

    Thanks again- and good luck with all


  • Rchi

    Would you please do a reading for me? DOB 6-22-82 I would like to know why I have such a strong attraction to a man in my life DOB 9 -8-67. Where is our friendship going in the future? Thanks

  • Rchi

    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my request. Don't know of anyone that is willing or trying to help us, but like you said maybe i just haven't seen it yet, but still hopeful. The ups and downs in the family matters you are right on it, but i did get to keep grandson for a few hours last night, the daddy doesn't want him with us that much because we spoil him. lol. (baby almost 9 months).

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