• will be doing the readings tomorrow guys, had a long flight....still quite jet lagged.

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  • Hope you get the much needed rest you need!! I needed to post today and will be patient with your reply. DOB is 12-01-59. I'm in new home sales and have recently relocated to a new City with my company. Been with them since 1998. My former boss/Mentor has recently took over a new manangement position with a competing builder. My question is, Should I take the job offer she has just presented to me? What do you see in my future, as far as my carreer goes? Thanks so much again, for your wonderful gift!!

  • Hello Rchi,

    First I would like to say don't know too much on posting on this and really don't know if you will receive this or if it is in the right place but I would like a reading from you if you don't mind?

    My name is Theresa DOB 4/29/1970 My questions that Have been pondering my mind are

    I have a strong attraction to tarot, cartomancy, numerology and would like to know why is this? Is this something i'm suppose to do as a profession in my years to come, I'm constantly reading, writing and learning things on an everyday basis it's like a magnetic thing that i'm drawn to do all the time. If so I feel i'm stuck not knowing what to study on next can you give me insight on this Please... Also my other questions are about my disability case that I know I just won it but have not heard anything on it and was wondering what is going on with that and when will i get it? and lastly my love life I was in a long term relationship with my children's father and after 20 yrs I was devastated that he decided to move on leaving me that was a hard thing to take but I managed and am very strong from it but as I was hurt by his actions I can't seem to trust. I'm in a love relationship with an amazing guy and I do trust him and have no reason to think otherwise he is younger than me so there is always thoughts that he might meet someone else but reassures me all the time. His name is Dave DOB 12/15/1982 Are we together for long term What will happen with this? I have a feeling he is my soulmate can you tell me what you know about this I appreciate you taking the time on this and look forward to your reading.

    ~Love & Light~


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