• Dear Silateer -

    To keep you a bit less confused, here is my information:

    Carole Firth dob 8/16/1971 8:52 a.m. Amherst, OH

    I would like a general life direction reading. My current situation is:

    1. Starting a new job after 6 months of unemployment. Seems like I got exactly what I ordered up from God and the angels. How does the future look for going permanent? What time frame?

    2. Hoping to move to new apartment soon. Will it be August or September or later?

    3. I am single. I have an ex husband who wants me back Anthony dob 6/11/1957. I don't think this is right for me. I have an ex boyfriend who disappeared without a goodbye four months ago, three months ago I find out that he is engaged to re-marry his ex wife. Michael dob 5/18/1967. We were together a year and a half. I miss him every single day. I feel connected to him, others have said yes this is the case. I feel that he will return to my life in the future. Need guidance.

    Thank you.

    Love and light, Carole

  • I know you have asked someone else for a reading, but I did one for you...hope you won't mind.

    You had been determined, headstrong & confident about what you wnated

    to do & with your perseverance you got it. Now you have become a little

    shy or soft on your goals. You have ideas & plans & know how to do/

    get the owrk done but somewhere your attention has been diverted.

    There will be struggle & arguments in your work, but you have to stand

    by all of it & fight for yourself & you can win.

    Yes the job will become permanent for you, it will be a new begining

    for you, the money has started to come in for you, and you will have

    a comfortable life & happiness, but there maybe some sudden changes

    uprooting, you may or maynot be happy with it but

    keep your love energy up & welcome changes with both hands & love.

    ----With Anthony

    Had the replationship been very demanding & one of you being really

    headstrong demanding respect & ruling, its been alot of frustrations

    & you feel like stuck in the situation. But it is time for the decision

    to be made to forget & forgive & move on start fresh. More chances of you getting back with him.

    ----With Michael

    In this relationship you thot giving the best will get you the best,

    without realising sometime letting go is a better option.You are so

    stuck in this relation that you are not realising it has become

    stagnant & you r not seeing anything new coming your way.

    You are refusing to look at the truth here, you are blindfolding

    yourself & struggling with 2 sides, blocking your emotions or not

    closing your eyes to feelings wont save you from getting hurt. You

    can & you know probably it s not right for you. Do not see you getting back with him.

    Some time next year march or so your job should become permanent.

    Please delete it if you do not want my reading.

  • Rchi. Thank you. Funny, I am not attracted to Anthony anymore as a lover. With Michael, I fluctuate from day to day. I am healing but this has hurt me so... I do not know if I can let another person near me like that. I don't know... life without him in it at all has been difficult. I keep trying to fill the holes up with other things.

    Job sounds good though. Hoping for permanent sooner than next year but as long as I am working. The thing is that we don't have health benefits.


  • Hi Rchi:

    Hope you don't mind but I say the detailed info you provided above and hope that you can do a quick reading for me on my romantic situation. My name is Rosanna. My birthday is 2/11/67 10:02 pm Philadelphia, PA in love with a man named Curtis born 11/20/67 (Philadelphia, PA)

    I was wondering if he and I will have a romantic relationship in the near future.

    If he and I don't make it, what else do you see on the horizon romantically for me.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

  • Hi ladylucnluv,

    I did a reading for you & Curtis.

    It seems you both will make a life together. You both are deeply in love with each other, will decide to stay together, maybe get married also, make a family together.

    You may also be taking a trip together to a lake or sea side, somewhere. Love is in the air!!!

    Wishing the best


  • Hi Rchi, can I be cheeky and ask for a reading too. My dob is 17th March 1967 and I am from London. My boyfriends dob is 18th July 1968. We have been having some problems in our relationship lately and just can't seem to get on with each other, although we do love each other. Are we right for each other or should we call it a day? Many thanks

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  • Hello GorgeousGal

    There has been a beautiful relationship between you both, love & fulfillment. Presently it has become a strain...maybe like who is the boss here, about control. I think it is time to move on now.If a relationship is strained , you feel drained by demands from each other...everyday is like dragging thru the day, then time to leave this relationship & move.

    I know its not a very happy reading but I wish you the all the best.


  • Thanks you for the reading Rchi...and I certainly hope you are on target. He is in Afghanistan currently and our communication has been non existent lately, which of course I understand. Also, his ex has been interfering which has caused me some doubts.

    Thanks again and god bless.

  • Hi Angelwing,

    Have you recently had a reunion, or met old friend or a childhood friend? If you have they are probably in some way helping you end this long time no relation situation & probably getting you a love message.

    Do send me your DOB so I can do proper reading.

  • Rchi hi sweetie

    May i ask for one aswell? Ill await a yes or a no, all dependant will i add the info u may need.

    Blessed B n NAMASTE


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  • Thank you for the reading Rchi, you are right, we can't go on as we are. Many thanks

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  • Rchi I would like one as well also Please 🙂

    I would like for you to look at Job opportunities coming my way.

    Also, I was wondering if you could look at what is on the horizon, as far as Romance is concerned.

    April 21,1973

  • Hi Rchi:

    I hope that you can do a reading for me on my romantic situation. My name is Monisha (DOB : December 5, 1969, Pune India) . I am in love with Aniket (DOB: September 5, 1978).

    I was wondering if he and I will have a romantic relationship in the near future.

    If he and I don't make it, what else do you see on the horizon romantically for me.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @Dear Angelwing-I did do a reading for you. Please check the older post, dated july 2nd.

    @For everyone else I am sorry for the delay in replying....I will do the reading for sure....please bear with the delay and give me a day or 2.

    Thank you


  • Hi again RCHI, I left you a note on my thread "RCHI" I just wanted to say thank you, it looks like you've been busy:)You were bang on ,by the way.

    Hugs,light, peace and love


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