• Well done Rchi well done indeed.


  • Hello Rchi,

    Once again thank you so much for your time and for reading for me. I really appreciate it. If you get a moment would you mind taking a look at my post on page 9 where I ask a few more questions? I know you're very busy so any time you have to take a look would be most greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day and thank you so much again.

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  • Hi Rimgal

    financially things have been stagnant, not too much to fall back at.

    But this situation will not be for long. New business or new openings will come soon.

    Love life...happy, bright satisfying times. Best time, hopeful, high spirits, blooming.

    Overall-You have to make decisions with your brains not your heart.

    Be generous & soft but decisions only from the head not the heart.

    Use your experience, understand the situations & reactions of other


    Best wishes


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  • Thank you so much Rchi

  • Thanks Rchi! I'm glad you see new business openings soon... it's been a rough couple of years. Love life had been very hopeful and fun. It's a long distance one for now but it may change! thanks again...

  • Hi pilot007

    Your friend should come to you & you should be able to give him a sense of security too.

    He has had problems but more so he its in his mind. He is making worse out of bad. Tell him the worst is over things will get better now.

    He can fight this himself & pull himself out of this depression or feeling of all is lost. He has to be strong, needs hard control. COnfidence & motivation is also required.

    I also see a movement for him possibly.

    Best wishes


  • HI watergirl18

    Are you & your man planning or doing some project together. If you are your team work & working together will certainly be good & successful, although there maybe some frustrations & feelings of like stuck & not able to break through but if you look & analyse you can come out.

    n attitude of tenderhearted a loving approach creating an atmosphere of love & respect may help.

    Wishes for you


  • CWB in a real quick reading & short words with Connor...

    You have been good friends, who look our for each other. presently enjoy the company & relationship of friends, quite content with it. Probably he may be someone offered to you but you do not want him. You are too absorbed with your own feelings.

    As for now I do not see a relationship building up.



  • Sorry for the delay everyone, I had some problem with my computer, will be doing more readings tonight or tomorrow.....definitely.


  • Rchi, Thanks A Lot for your time and insight. I will keep you posted.

  • RCHI - It takes alot out of people to do the readings. You should rest when you need to! I know I get exhausted with what I pick up, and I'm not even trying!

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  • Rchi thank u so much, Yes he is a dear friend to me. i think we both fell into the friend basket only hahahaahahahahaha n oddballs we´re fine with it. I think the amour dejour is bc we love each other so much as friends that we do not wish to ruin it by walking that road even though we wanna. As for not want him, well at one point i did but he was not. My loss LOL or oughta say his loss, anyhews we´re cool now. he is also cool with fireman, n fireman that is charlie is cool wo'ith Connor. Like totally relaxed not rivals at all. LOL

    Thanx ,my friend!

  • Uhm q, Rchi, u´ll still do the photos no?

  • dang duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh me u did em already LOLOL

    what i had asked was more insight on fireman charlie n me LOLOL


  • watergirl,

    right now he has lot of enthusiasm & energy he feels for you, he does find you attractive, does he say that he feels you have a very busy active life?

    Maybe he wud make an effort, but most probably you will both have to work your way into a relationship, the way you work thats how your relation will turn out the more effort you put in the stronger it will be. At this point, I do not see if he will break the bonds keeping you 2 away but in future you will be together.


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