• Hi Captain! so here it is! tell me what you think of this please?.....on sunday i was laying on the bed watching a movie(Someone like you) i have a ceiling fan above my bed, it was on , on the fan is a globe style light, which was off(i never turn it on) no storms in the area,) no problem with my eletrical box or anthing like that) never have had such problems! ok then the light came on , by it self! and it stayed on tilll i turned it off im sure i did nothing to make that happen, it just came at first i was thinking this is bizarre, and it still has me confused!Thanks Captain!

  • Just a lonely earthbound spirit looking for attention. Next time something like that happens, acknowledge the presence of the spirit and tell them to move into the light.

  • Really?.i have never thought something like that would happen to me....but thats sad (the lonely part),i will tell them to go to the they wont be lonely anymore.......Thanks Captain.That makes me sad for the spirit , i hope it comes back so i can help it along.

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