Gemini man cheaters and Lairs

  • Are all Gemini man cheaters and Lairs,are is it the way there gemini mothers rise them.

  • is that a question or a statement i think to generalize that all geminis are cheats and /or liars is unfair cause if we're really dealing with astrology a lot more goes into a chart than just the sun sign cause the moon deals more with what the person reaction to things on an emotional level would be and also where their venus is etc. and truth be told men cheat and lie in all signs even the so called faithful signs

  • REALLY??? Geminis are pretty fun and honestly never a dull moment. Are they insufferable, and myopic? Yup. But generally you capture a Gem and he/she will NEVER stray. There is no excuse for infidelity. But it's very common in general. If this Gem cheated on you RUN and don't look back. Go find a Capricorn, Libra. Aries, Leo. Perhaps you have had your fill of Gems and who could blame you. Infidelity is horrible. Happened to me. We are still married. I forgave him however I don't trust him as far as I can throw him. I am a Gemini and proud of it. I was mortally wounded to the depths of my soul. I am still healing. but I fill my life up with people, hobbies, work my daughter, cats, and stay busy. I am lucky cause i got my health. I am always looking for opportunities to discover something new or create and adventure.

    Stay positive and do not put up with CHEATERS and their ICKY ways.


    As far as Cheaters go?!??! Stay away from Virgos......they are the WORST. Men. Don't know anything about Virgo women.

  • I agree about the virgo men i knew too both con-men. so watch them. Virgo women are users as friends, they use you when they need you then drop you when they dont need you anymore.. well thats my experience.

  • I just met a gemini man and im already starting to doubt if he's a cheater and liar. umm. time will tell.

  • Hi Catamaniac

    What do you mean by Myopic ?

    An you are right there shouldnt be a reason for cheater and lying . I believe it is that other twin (dark side ) evil one lurking to come out when you confront them about something that is true and they bussed and lye about it anymore and that not only goes for the men the women to.

    Anyone that is think ing about starting up a relationship with a gemini women or men think twice go with what your gut (Karma )is telling you to do whatever you dont go with what your heart is telling you and dont rush into it to quick they will hurt you emotionally and physically , mentally. that is my insight on gemini men .

  • Here is my POV from having dealt with my Geminii husband for 20 yrs. He is narcisistic. Passive Agressive. If I want something or want to do something, I have to fight for it, pay for it on my own, do it myself, build it myself.

    He would sepnd so much money on eating out and taking the kids to amusement parks, but then be so cheap with issues like home repiars or getting tutoring for the kids. Although his "cheapness" balanced out my tendency to spend money to do things the "right" way, I find him to somewhat penny-wise and pound foolish. Last summer - after he decided to get a divorce, the attorneys came in and said he had to have certain issues in our home addressed for the safety of the kids (he had refused to get them done because he didn't feel it was important and too costly.) He told the contractor who did the work what a great guy he was, then turned around and blamed me for all of the expense! At the same time a number of other items in the house that had been neglected broke down ,and so we were out a lot of money all at once for all these repairs. When he decided he wanted a divorce, instead of talking to me and trying to work out alternative plans, he went and gave a collaborative divorce attny a 7500 retainer and thought he would have a cheap and easy divorce and that would be that. When the attorney bills mounted to almost 40,000 because he would not look at the real numbers on the books for how much it cost to live in our house and take care of the kids, and because he kept failing to follow stipulations, he blamed ME for running op the attorney bills. He has now moved back in to "help me" pay of the debts and keep me from going into bankruptcy. He still insists that the debt is my fault and that he is blameless.

    . If someone tries to point out an issue that he could correct, he takes it negatively. Then a few months down the line he will throw it back at you and balme you for doing whatever it was that you pointed out he had done previously. He will promise you something, then turn around and say that he never "said that." He will tell you a bold faced lie, then insist that it was not a lie. He changes what he said earlier to match what his needs are at the time of a current conversation when referring to a previous conversation. The biggest issue is that he actually BELIEVES that he is telling the truth when he is lying and so he appears very sincere. If I get mad at him and he feels bad enough he will fall into a pattern of being considerate for a while and getting me to think that he is going to be his charming "good self" but once he has me "settled down again" he goes back to his "bad self." He has an impenetratable ego.

    The amazing thing is that he really can be a nice guy - but mostly to everyone else but me. People look at me in disbelief when I tell them what he does. I have not been appreciated for who I am or my intelligence. I have been mostly relegated to being a maid and nanny and servant in our house when I am not at work. He would tell people that he paid for everything, but when I got my check at the end of the month, I had to fork over at least half of it to him plus pay for extra food, kids clothes, my clothes etc. and very little got saved. I found out that when he told people how much his income was, he implied that it was all his income - as if the 2/5 of the income did not come from me.

    I do have to say that he is obsessively prompt - something I am not. He is always on time and always does whatever it takes to make things "look right" on the surface. But its like one of those Old West Towns with the fake second story built on top of the houses - a false front. He will attend the kids' school meetings and be all prompt and talk to the teachers like he knows what is going on, but he has no clue about what lies in the volumes of notebooks I have

    from trying to get services for the kids over the last 15 years.

    That is my experience with this Geminii - in a lot of ways he is not as bad as he sounds . He is sort of like an immature college kid who is still bringing his dirty laundry home to mommy to be washed. He is almost 50 yrs old and after living with me for 20 yrs, he STILL does not clean up after himself in the bathroom or follow rules that should apply to everyone in the house (like not leaving dirty dishes in the sink for someone else to wash). HIS MOTTO WOULD BE - if he had one : "The rules do not apply to me" and "I always tell the truth" (with his fingers crosed behind his back). There is the maddening duality - the good twin and the bad twin and you never know who you are talking to.

    My Motto is: "I am not crazy, I was just driven that way."

  • honey dont trust him for one moment there is a dark side to him watch out

  • gemini husband cheater and liars is a question

  • Its like being Luke Skywalker and really believing that you are talking to the old - "good" Anakin Skywalker then suddenly he turns around, picks up a light saber and become Darth Vader.

    Its always the Dark Side batltling the Light -although I really don''t believe that my husband is all bad - he just truly believes that he is right and doing the right thing. He has done it all his life and gotten away with it because he has very few real friends with as much education as he has. When you are around someone all the time you learn that they are faking things or lying more readily than if you just work with the or play golf with them a couple times a month. He is used to pulling the wool over everyone's face. After years of trying to make him see the contradictions in what he said - with no result - I finally have given up. I realized that he truly believes he is telling the truth. He has no clue about the difference in what he said yesterday and what he said today. well - that's enough abour my gemibii experience. He seems to get along better with our Libra daughter. I don't know if that is typical or not.

  • We do not need to talk a mile here.....No one is to be lables by a sad sun sign.....we have life path numerology. vedic astro, astro, sum and moon...hmmmmmmmmmmmm so really IT is A PERSON not a is the maturity, acceptances, is the person mind body spirited whole yet>? are they only mental no t physical? Its also the nature and the nurture...the sacrifices and the pains they go through where they can empathize no its the oppposit of some "generalized" easily able to analogize to and hmm wonder why Zodiac. ASk many times can youi look at all sun sigh horoscopes and analogize it in some wAY TO YOUR LIFE?

    ZODIAC AND ASTRO AND ALL THAT NONSENSE causes you to narrow a person and narroes your energy...its so non sense.....

  • i totally agree turbox.......... i like signs and to a degree they can be very acurrate, but not a 100%

  • Hi Turtledust

    It is redbone9562 will at lease he gives your daughter and him(quality) time together .Now that he is out of the house, it is still the same with our son no (quality) time for him you would think that now he is not in the house that he would give him the (quality) time that he deserve being also that he is the only child, no siblings that I know of.

  • Hi turboxes - you are right - there is so much more here than Sun Signs - it also depends what kind of family relationship a person was raised in, what kind of values he has, what kind of education they have and so much more. Its just a generalization and there are good people and wackos in every sun sign. And even if you are really into astrology, the Sun sign is such a generalization. You are 100% right. My husband is not intentionally a bad person or a bad example of a Gemini. I could say that his issues were all caused by being raised in a dysfunctional family, just as well and I myself have issues that tend to inscrease the impact of what his actions are upon how I feel. People and relationships are very complex and really, we should know better than to try to label people with characteristics of specific Sun signs.

    But if you are really into the Astrological basis of personality, you can go to a book store or a library. I have found these huge books that have these profiles based on specific birthdates based on Sun Sign, rising sign, etc. etc. and I have yet to find a profile that is 100% applicable to me. My own horoscope is almost never accurate. I guess this is why you always see the disclaimer "for entertainment purposes only." hehehe

  • Every Gemini I've ever known has cheated. Male or Female they both lie and cheat a lot. They are fun to have at a party because they are charming and talk a lot, always keep people entertained. However they get bored realllllllllllllly fast and are petrified of intimacy. They keep things on the surface. I don't hate Geminis I have a lot of fun with them, but they will never get my complete trust or be taken seriously.

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