Captain can I have a reading please>

  • Dieing, not being a good person. Not having a purpose.

  • I'm also interested in what spirits are around me. I was wondering if you could please help me out.

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  • hello again Captain,

    one question, i been told many times that the one i will be on love with and marrie is already in my. And all my life i been told that its in my cards to end up married with good fortune. i will need alot of to recover what happen with my ex plus i need to focus in my studies. bt do you see that in my cards? is this guy that will be part of my happiness already in my life? and that wealth i alweys herd of is it from my own hard work?

    i let go of the past. now im ready for change =0)


  • Serious7, I think your fear is not about your thinking you are not a good person but whether other people think you are. I think your unhappiness comes from your need for other people to like and approve of you before you can believe you are lovable. But other people can never do that for you - you have to like yourself by recognising and acknowledging all your strengths and good points. And you need to feel useful - is the work you are doing making you feel valuable and worthy as a person? If not, think about changing it.

    You always have angels, guides and those who have passed around you and you are never alone or unloved.

  • Sweetoty, one prediction can never last your whole lifetime because your future changes as you change. What you do now in the present influences your future so work on yourself now in order to have what you want. Don't rely on any predictions to allow you to float through life without doing any work on relationships. To attract a compatible partner, you have to make sure you are giving off vibes that say "I want a loving, kind person (or whatever you want) in my life." At the moment I feel your vibes are saying "I just want somebody - anybody - no matter what they are like in my life to fill the empty space." So because you don't care enough about yourself to attract a good partner, you attract people who also don't care about you but about themselves.

  • thank you Captain, i will take you advise. I understand i have a lot to work on, and what you said will give me a good start on how to improve my life all around. Im detemined to take time off for self imporvement. I left a massage on another thread for you. i think something bad is about to happen.

  • Thank you captain! I appreciate it, and your right. I have many great strengths about me and I need to let go of the negative. thank you again, god bless!

  • Dear Captain, Hello, my dob is 6/11/51 my friend 4/30/48. Do you see any future in this relationship? Appreciate your time and energy.

  • Dear Captain,

    Your readings are spoken of very highly, I wonder if you can help assess the potential of my relationship... My birthday is 20-12-91 his is 10-03-72


  • Missdeliteful, this relationship's great need for variety and change can undermine its stability but also contribute to keeping it alive. Even when responsibility and reliability are at their strongest here, there is usually also a yearning for new and challenging pursuits. Because the energy here is so restless, almost explosive, it requires a very narrow focus if it is to be successful. Moreover, its frenetic pace is generally too much for the settled domestic life.

    Should marriage occur, change and diversity will have to be cultivated constantly. Otherwise each party may create it for themselves - perhaps in the form of a secret lover - or perhaps through a passion for independent travel, or for a hobby or sport that will dominate their thoughts and actions. Rarely will the partners risk damaging their relationship irreparably, but neither will they give up their often obsessive extracurricular (or extramarital) interests. Usually the most practical tack is to refuse to acknowledge the depth of the outside involvement, or even to reveal it. This approach can work out for years, since the relationship also has a penchant for self-deception, which acts as a protective shield.

    There is a mutual lack of chemistry here that may make the relationship short-lived if it begins when these partners are young. There are few common points that could lead to a deep emotional attachment. If these two meet when much older, they may find they have much more in common but the relationship will still have to maintain some change and variety to keep the woman partner especially, happy.

  • EmpressBs, this works best as a friendship. You two share a love of conversation, from philosophical issues to plain old gossip, but that's about it. You both have a strongly reclusive side that can develop into a kind of obsession if you were to get together. You two are not interested in being seen in public and would prefer to meet in either one's cosy kitchen and enjoy the convivality of chatting while sitting at a table and drinking wine or coffee. You would not demand a lot from each other or use the relationship as a stopgap in times of need but simply enjoy your regular, if not overly frequent, contact with each other. It is other people you two are mainly interested in studying in an intelligent and insightful manner and, if another person intrudes on your chat, the mood may evaporate. This is not a comfortable pairing for a love affair, as a curious lack of passion will be present. But it is well suited to companionship.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks for your reply! What you say about conversation is true and also about need for solitude but there is definitely passion between us. We have been friends for a few years and more than friends for a year and a half but he is with someone else who gets very jealous when we spend any time together. I feel like I should stay away from him because I feel guilty for her but at the same time I really want him in my life as I haven't felt such a strong connection with anyone in a long time.

    Do you have any advice?

    Much respect

  • EmpressBs, you do not have his undivided attention or undivided passion so what you get is the watered down version. Stay away and give him time to miss you. He may appreciate you more then. But at the moment he is having his cake and eating it too, with two women in the go.

  • Thankyou Captain 🙂

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