Captain can I have a reading please>

  • Dear Captain,

    Could you please help me?

    1. I'm so curious to know what vibes I give out.

    2.And, I haven't been able to contact or see my spirit guide Eric for a long time now, about 2 years, ever since I got married, I was wondering if you could tell me why and why he hasn't contacted me?

    3.I would like to get a reading please. My grandmother who was psychic past away last year, and I have not gotten any 'messages' from her. When my grandfather past away, who was not psychic, right after his death he appeared to me in a dream to tell me he was fine, and from time to time I still see him in my dreams and he would ask me how I'm doing, and give me little tips on what to do. But when my psychic grandmother passed away, she never came to me in dream, or spirit, nothing.

    I would just like to know how she is and if there is any message she wants to tell me. I've had the feeling the last couple of weeks that she has a message for me. I think about her a lot, yet nothing comes trough.

    Thank you very much in advance,

    I wish you a wonderful and lucky day !


  • Hi Captain,

    Please help me with those question

    1. My parent's business is bad at this time. Will they make it?

    2. I'm tired of short term relationship. How many more relationship will I have before meeting my future husband?

    3. My career is fine. I plan to have my own business. Will I be rich and success as my parent used to?

    I'm sorry if those question is hard to tell. If so, it's fine. I appreciate any related reading from you.

    Thank you very much

  • i was wondering if you could please give me some insight into a problem im having? my sons father came back into our lives nearly a year ago and i have started having feelings for him again. in fact their getting stronger everytime i see too scared to tell him incase he doesnt feel the same and i dont want to mess things up for my you think he has feelings for me and do we have a future together?

    many thanks


  • Rainbowspirit,

    1. I answered this in the other thread.

    2. We don't have the same guides or angels around us all our lives. Like a good teacher, they move on once their particular lesson or message has been learned by you. You need to open yourself up to your new guides and the new messages they have for you. You have blocked them out by waiting for Eric.

    3. Our relatives don't automatically visit us from the other world. They have their own work to get on with and you mustn't expect them to be around you all the time. They are aware of what your life is like, however. If you haven't heard from her, it is because your grandfather probably communicated all that she would have said anyway. They are both fine and happy.

  • Ut_it,

    1. I don't feel your parents's business will survive unless they move with the times and change their traditional way of running it. They are holding themselves back.

    2. You will have a long term relationship when you figure out what is happening to make your present relationships so short-lived. There is some fear inside you that is preventing this happening - maybe a fear of intimacy, or commitment, or rejection or whatever. How do you feel when you think of your parents' marriage?

    3. I don't feel you will be quite as successful as your parents on your own. I think you need a partner to balance up the business side of things as you can be a bit blind or stubborn in how you approach things.

  • Kelly27, what do you mean when you say your son's father came back into your lives? Does he live with you? Does he take you out and treat you well? Or is he just focused on your son? What sort of things does he say to you about your relationship?

  • HI Captain

    Thank you very much.

    1. My parents will start over. We will move to other place and establish the company.

    2. Actually, I want a long-term relationship but not marriage. I just can't picture of myself in a family. I started to think that I want kids which I never did before. And yes, I'm fear of rejection and betrayal (so many times happened to me)

    3. I think I'll marry a man who has his own business, and I'll work with him? Because I hardly put trust in anyone.

  • hi captain

    my sons father and myself split up when i was pregnant and i did not see or hear from him for 2yrs. we are not a couple any more but my feelings for him are getting stronger everytime i see him. im too scared to say anything in case he does not feel the same and he does a disappearing act again.please help.

    hank you



  • Ut_It, I didn't say you would marry the person you go into business with - in fact you should keep it strictly professional.

  • Kelly27 said, " im too scared to say anything in case he does not feel the same and he does a disappearing act again."

    You're right - he will. He doesn't want a personal intimate relationship with you. Just keep things friendly.

  • TDSMITH, you will get whatever you believe you deserve so ask yourself if you really think you deserve to be happy. You will find love if you trust and believe you deserve it.

  • Dear Captain, thanks for your earlier reply to my question and you're right to say I'm afraid of the unknown even if Iknow the answer in my heart. Just wondering if the time you meant for me to act is now, despite my fears holding me back? It would have been easier to leave him if he had been a bad person, but in fairness to him he is good father but a lousy husband and bed partner! How soon can you see me disentangling myself from this hapless marriage and will it work ok for me in the long run? I really need a lot of reassurance that I'm making the right decision. Thanks a lot!

  • dear captain

    thank you very much for your answer to my question.thats what i thought aswell.

    do u think i'll ever find love?or am i destined to be alone forever?

    thank you very much



  • Captian could I get a reading please.

    My birthdate is 05/13/1963 and my husband's is 4/12/64

    We have been through a rocky couple of years. I am wondering where we are heading in regards to our relationship.

    I also have questions concerning my career. Im at a stand still at this time and do not know what direction to go in.

    Thank you for your time.


  • Angela168, by thinking about this, you have already started the process of disentangling yourself from an unhappy situation. As soon as your dissatisfaction outweighs your guilt, you will complete the process.

  • Kelly27, as long as you can ask something like "am I destined to be alone forever?" it means you fear you will be. This shows you have low self-worth and self-confidence. Confident people attract what they want. As soon as you deal with your lack of self-love or self-value, you will attract new love into your life.

  • Rustylove, this relationship is easier for friendship than marriage. Its survival depends on whether you two can establish a basis of stability and focus. Together you do have the ability to make your dreams happen. To do so however, you have to overcome the differences in your outlooks and learn to agree. Not that you argue and fight; it's just that it's hard for you to find goals that are equally important to the both of you. Once you do, though, it is surprisingly easy for you to achieve success.

    You two can have great times as either friends or lovers. You both have a sense of humour and love group activities. Your relationship can be exciting, vibrant and colourful. Your husband must be careful however not to be put in the position of giving too much, sacrificing his own comfort to accommodate you. The marriage can have trouble maintaining stability; differences in values, goals and philosophy can prove divisive and prohibitive. Your husband may not get the security and consistency he needs from you, and you may tire of his theories and strange ideas. Your husband is a natural creature who needs to be himself and to follow his spontaneous urges, no matter how outrageous, and this may be hard for you to live with. One solution can be a free or open marriage in which each person pursues his or her own idiosyncratic lifestyle, committing to the form of marriage without accepting its limitations. This may well suit you especially Rustylove because you are prone to frustration and rebellion at the idea of adjusting your freedom-loving ways in order to be effective. The other solution is of course to go your own separate ways permanently, but do try to make it amicable and remain friends.

    As regards to your career, Rustylove, you have executive ability although as a boss you can sometimes be a bit heavy-handed or dictatorial. In both your professional and personal life, your approach to others could do with an overhaul, with you developing more empathy and compassion. Learn persuasion and to employ your unique brand of charm rather than trying to demand your way or being tactless and volatile. Much of your karmic path has to do with developing the skills of 'parenting' - nurturing and supporting others - and learning to treat people as equals. Your (perhaps unrecognised or denied) talents lie in the creation of efficient structures, financial budgets and forecasts, and strategic thinking. More often than not, you will prefer working behind the scenes rather than in the limelight, and can make a very savvy marketeer or networker. If you combine your logical reasoning and love of data with your formidable powers of observation, you can be unbeatable. Your original mind makes you clever at inventing things or being innovative in reworking old ways. Your strong sense of fair play would stand you well in the justice professions or politics. You have healing hands and would do well in the healing professions - perhaps as a masseur or even a counsellor. Writing or teaching or motivating others can also be healing. Dealing with food (restaurants, hotels, hospitality, running your own cafe or bakery etc.), house repairs, or working in the home are all good careers for you. You would also do well investing in or selling real estate - follow your hunches in such investments. You have a talent for bargaining and negotiation.

  • To The Captain: I see that so many seek your advice. I have read many of your postings. I just wanted to say that you are a truely blessed and a very patient and understanding soul.

    Brightest Blessings, Kat

  • Captain, I could really use your help!

    My birthday is 3/20/1990. My boyfriends is 11/14/1989 . And the new person coming around is 2/13/1984.

    I have been with my boyfriend for just under 2 years. I'm not sure if we're supposed to keep going, or if we're just bound to end it.

    This other person keeps randomly popping up in my life and im not sure if thats supposed to mean anything either.

    I'm really bad with choices and decisions and I need some advice with it all.

    please help!


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