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  • Hi Laie well i stayed up to late last night got a late start today been fixing a pot roast and then it wasn't done in time for supper so i went and got a pizza and watched a movie so i had a busy day anyway later Tooter

  • Hey!

    I've been hoping to see you around, but haven't. I saw the heavy rains on TV. ..... Did your garden survive? How are you? Write when you can.

  • Hi laie yea we got a lot of rain but we needed it here it done real good other areas flooded but we were OK here .As far as me well i tell you laie for 27 years i devoted my life to my father and i did my best to follow the truth and light and i have payed a high price for my faith and beleif even up till now and i feel like a fool i feel used and lied to by the same powers i have trusted for so long i did what was ask and the things i was told and guide to do never happen and even when i made sure its like they got what they wanted then left you know i never really felt like i fit at this forum so i kept searching and i did find why and what i am or was is a light Warrior and it fit but i kept searching for answers own these guides and i did find there are several kinds and i also found a lot of contradiction of the light i have felt more used than what my ex did to me and i can not handle this sh*i *t anymore so i do not know what to believe in anymore and i trusted my so called guides and nothing happened they said would and i was not my words it was theirs and when i ask why they never said just looked at me and i even said all right and i haven't heard or seen since i did ask what happen to truth and that's been 2or 3 weeks now so i don't know anymore and you know Laie every thing i went threw was real a experience i will never forget and it wasn't a dream but i have gotten feelings not visions but just feelings there is a war going own in the spiritual ream i don't know but i get that strong feeling . No one knows what i experienced except me i wrote some about it but Laie i seen things you can not imagine and things that happen i even went to the 5 th dimension and i have tried to make these things happen again i cant and there is not contact what gets me is Andrea is the one who took me there and the things that happen between us i keep trying to think it was a dream but it wasn't it was hard for me to believe what was happening but i could not denie it and what happen between us i know it sounds crazy now i am starting to wonder if i am crazy but its like i lost another wife except i didn't get a divorce LOL i guess its crazy seems like people are getting a lot more negative i know my kids and grand kids are even me and stuff hits from out of nowhere nothing brings it own it just hits so i dont know why or what or when own anything i wont tell you every thing own this sight but if you want to email me i will there is more spiritual inietys at work than what you know. Tooter

  • This post is deleted!

  • Laie i sent you information hopefully you get it Tooter

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