Getting Rid of Leo Man...

  • Hello,

    I am new to this site and would like some advice on how to go about detaching this very clingy lion from me.

    First of all, I am a gemini/cancer cusp, sag rising, aqua moon, leo in mars and venus in cancer.

    This leo is a leo/virgo cusp, with taurus in mars and venus in leo.

    This started out perfect, I appreciate some of his assertive attitudes to try and "conquer" me, but after a week or so he is very,very, very clingy. Needing to be next to me all the time and texting me endlessly even if we've just said goodbye.

    We spent the weekend together (really, it was a group of friends) and he wouldn't leave my side not for one minute.

    I am a VERY social person, need alot of space, and thought he was the same (I kept reading leo men are social creatures, need to be the center of attention, so on and so forth).

    Turns out he monitors me whenever I go socialize (and I try and distance myself so that he sees its too much for me and that doesn't seem to work), doesn't like me spending time with other males...and the crazy part is that we aren't even in an established relationship.

    I've started to distance myself, not texting back or texting back with somewhat dry replies, not agreeing to see him alone...this has to be done slowly, all his friends are my friends.

    The worst part is the person I'm interested in has liked me all along (a pieces) and I feel I've made the wrong turn somewhere on this road, and of course theres no touching that part of the track.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I need this to be swift, clean, and somewhat easy!

  • it's the Taurus in Mars. how he asserts himself. once he feels he has you, it's very difficult for a Taurus to let go. Taurus are possessive. some are worse than others, and good luck.


  • Hi-

    Yeah I was going to agree w/ MsSunny on this...The Mars & Venus combo in this are strong indications..

    Looks like both of his placements (Venus & Mars)are domineering/& Fixed.....& your chart is rather more footloose...but you both want to wear the pants in this....

    your independent nature is very strong but he will have trouble letting this go...

    Good Luck.

  • Oh no...thats all I can think to say at this point.

    Would a direct approach be good enough?

    "Hey, I know how great this started but I just don't feel the same anymore...?"

  • A couple of friends are going to meet up at this bar tonight.

    Can I just pull him aside and speak to him?

    Make sure not to insult his pride and make it somewhat easy to laugh off?

    I won't be able to give him attention and will be bothered if he starts smothering me...

  • will it matter where or how you break up with him.. either way he will be hurt and could make a scene. good luck

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