Captain, May I Please Have A Reading

  • Hello. I am seeking your help regarding the relationship potential between myself - DOB - 2/2365, and a new male acquaintace whose birthdate I do not yet know only that he is a 37-year-old Virgo (also don't know if he is born in August or September). I am aware that we are polar opposites astrologically. There is presently a lack of communication and compromise between us and I would like to know if this is where we should part ways for a more suitable match. If we are to part ways am I any closer to connecting with the man I am truly meant to be with? Thank you. I await your response.

  • You two can intiailly be very attractive to each other. Your friend can be a stabilizing influence in your life as he is practical and grounded. And you can bring spirituality and lightness to his often very serious life. But his coolness and relatively detached outlook can make it hard for you to get very close to him or know what he is feeling. You share a common interest in thoughts, intelligence, and sharing ideas; however, your friend can get very critical of, impatient, and irritable with what he sees as your uncertainty and indecisiveness after a while. Once he starts to focus more on your differences and weaknesses than your shared strengths, it will be almost impossible for him to think of anything else. Also, should he feel neglected or rejected by you for whatever true or false reason, he will become unhappy and depressed. The pressure of a love affair here can indicate that friendship can be a better and easier option.

  • Thank you for the advice Captain. You have analyzed our situation well and I can’t deny that his emotional detachment from me has led me to “reject” him and now we aren’t communicating at all and it seems the intense connection I initially felt between us has drifted away due to us both. It seems we weren’t meant to be in the romantic sense.

    May I ask…do you sense someone else coming into my life any time soon? Someone that I might have a deeper and stronger connection with that would lead to a love connection?

  • Not very soon, because you have not yet completely detached from your ex. As soon as you do, you will be open to meeting new people.

  • Thanks again Captain.

    However, I am confused. I would not consider the man I spoke of as my ex considering we have never been in a formal relationship. There is an attraction there but we have made no commitments to one another and frankly, he can't focus on me invidually as he continues to keep his "options open" where other women are concerned. We have not been intimate and while I think he likes or liked me since, as I said, we are not communicating right now, I believe I was nowhere close to being anyone of real significance to him outside of a passing fancy. I admit to being infatuated intensely for a moment but, again, I would not consider him an ex in the least. Could you please clarify for me if you can?

  • Then how can there be lack of communication and compromise between two people that don't have any formal relationship? Your wording made me think you saw him as a real partner.

  • You also said "should we part ways" which made me think you were together.

  • Sorry Captin for the unintentional misdirection of my statement. We aren't together in the sense of being a couple formally. Thank you for your help.

  • Then there isn't much to worry about here, is there?

  • No worries. I so appreciate your taking the time to give me some guidance. I already know this man isn't "the one" or even very suitable as a friend (something I knew deep down inside and just wasn't ready to face given that the initial connection between us was strong and promising.) The answer was already there but again, thanks for the confirmation.

  • So when you meet a new person, instead of jumping straight to the thought "Is he the right life partner for me?" you might stop and ask first "Am I actually seeing the real person or just an image of the ideal partner I want and need?"

  • IE. best to ask first "Is he someone I would like as a friend?" not "Is he someone who can be my life mate"?

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