Death Reversed three times please help

  • I am still trying to learn the cards ,I draw five cards a week and study one a day i have received death in the reversed position for the last three weeks. I am not stagnating or resisting anything that i know of , the other cards surrounding it do not foretell of a physical death (thankgod 4 that) i really do not have a clue what its is trying to tell me . I would really appreaciate any ones insight on the card . Thanks Lilacrose

  • maybe death isnt the main concern here. what other cards are there

  • Hello Kushikamikiba, Thankyou for stopping by , ok the cards that i drew for week 1 were the hermit, eight of wands, death reversed, the moon and the four of cups. The cards for week 2 were death reversed.,six of cups ,page of wands, two of wands and the fool reversed .The cards for week 3 are seven of pentacles, five of cups reversed, death reversed, king of wands reversed and the two of swords reversed. I really appreaciate you taking time out to help me with this ,sorry about reply being bunched up together i tryed to space readings out but it kept playing up on me for some reason . thanks again hope to hear from you soon take care lilac.

  • It looks like week 1 is a warning

    You have 4 of cups which shows stagnation and it looks like it goes hand in hand with death reversed and also the moon. You do need to change something in your life but it is kept hidden to you. Perhaps you feel it is still of use or you see nothing wrong with whatever it is, Thats where the hermit comes in, finally 8 of wands shows the need for haste as it would probably lead to a very big and possibly negative point in your life.

    Week 2 looks like a bit too late

    You have the fool reversed which in a way means you got caught in a trap, the fool however is ignorant of this. The page compels you to look for a flaw in your lifestyle because as 2 of wands is there, it tells you like the previous week, this is a key factor in how your future will turn out. But again it can still be fixed

    Here's the wierd part.

    Looks like in week 3 you've overcome this event albeit without much enthusiasm. 5 cups reversed shows you moved on and 2 of swords reversed shows you have a direction in life with regards to what you've lost. finally 7 pents tells me you've grown from this.

    If you look at it, in a way the cards went from bad, to worse and then all better

  • Hello again Kushikamikiba, Thankyou so much for interpreting the cards for me i have a clearer understanding of them now it was all to confusing to me at times with death reversed one minute and 5 of cups reversed the next having opposite meanings. I think it was all getting a bit overwhelming . As far as i know i have dealt with all changes in my life head on ,i am now racking my brains as to what it could be that is hidden from me ,anyway im glad that you say its gone from worse to better that is a positve sign . Thanks again for help i really appreaciate it . Wishing you all the best Lilacrose*****

  • Lilacrose,

    This has been an interesting little conversation to follow and your last comment bears out what I'm about to tell you. You use the words "overwhelming", "confusing", etc. especially when talking about reversed cards. Let me share a piece of information with you: There are NO REVERSED CARDS. The cards are always meant to be read upright. Reversed meanings were introduced in earlier times to prevent non sympathetic people from obtaining the Sacred Mysteries found in the deck. In other words, it was meant to confuse those not "in the know". I have been studying and working with The Deck for almost 20 years and have never read a reversed card. Think about it for a second. For every meaning of a "reversed" card, isn't there an upright card with the same meaning? Sweep away the confusion, clear away the debris, and don't read in overwhelm or confusion, you'll cloud everything. Simplify your life and your enjoyment of the cards by only reading upright cards. And btw, my personal Tarot Teacher and Mentor is the most respected and popular Tarotist and Astrologer in the SF Bay Area, Susan Levitt. You might want to get a used copy of Susan's book, Tarot: A Guide for Beginners on Amazon. Peace be with you.

  • KushikamiKiba, that was a great reading. I would say the same thing too. What I am thinking is that she is wrestling with something in her life that must come to an end but she refused to let it go even though she knows deep down it is not in her best interest.

  • Hello Qwalchmai60, Thanks so much for your advice on reversed cards i really appreaciate your help,it would be easier and stress free for me to interpret them in the upright position and cause less confusion. Thanks also for your reccomendation on Susan Levitts book i will defiantly try to get a hold of a copy of that . Thanks again best wishes Lilac xxx

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