I would like to do some readings!!

  • Silateer, would love to have a reading too, especially on what you see for my immediate future family / job / money / life in general...... Thanks in advance for you kindness and generosity.

  • hello silateer

    I would love a reading anything you could tell me would be great especially about my love life

    my dob is 5/17/1987 name clara m murillo

    Thanks so much for your offer

  • Hi 🙂

    I m intersted in my lovelife,what future brings to me,maybe one libra or someone new .thanks 🙂

    I'm virgo/asc cancer.

  • Hi, I would like to know" What is my purpose in this life"

  • would love a reading too if you get this far.... my birthday is 7/21/57... any general info would be wonderful... blessings to you, Claire

  • hi, Could I have a love reading, please?

  • Wow! I am happy to see some people asking for ME to do a reading for them!

    I am traveling and visiting family right now, so I have free time throughout the days.

    I want to get to everyone who's posted so far, but I am drawing a line with Moonalisa's request - Sorry, I wish I could read for everyone! 😃

    Love and light to you all!


  • Hi Silateer! Thank you for that reading....I just got out of a 10 year marriage and am currently entertaining the idea of a new one so the new one looks promising. Kindly, watergirlie

  • This post is deleted!

  • Silateer, I wrote at one of the first pages, would you please take a look and make the best of it?

  • hello silateer

    and thank you for your kind offer.would you please do a reading for me?08/28/1958 @ 5:28 AM ,Portland ,Maine. you have so many requests ahead of mine and i know your off time is precious,so ...when ever you get the chance and energy,i'd love having this done.thanks again.


  • May the Universe repay your kindness a thousandfold! Anything in general for me would be fine, dob 11/20/65. Thanks much! 🙂

  • Hi! What a kind and generous way to get back into what you love doing. I hope all goes well for you. My DOB is 11/15/1955, the man I want to know about DOB is 10/31/1968. We both have told each other that we are attracted and care about one another, but, so far, nothing has happened to further our (relationship). He has told me that (age is NOT a factor). What do you see for us? Why, or what is holding him back? Any help will be appreciated....Thank you, very much.

  • hi may i have a reading plz?

  • It seems as though you have dozens of readings. I will post a question under a separate thread. Thank you.

    Love and light. Carole

  • Hi silateer,

    If you are still doing them, I would like a reading regarding my relationship and life purpose. DOB 11/14/1967. Do you need anything else?

    Many blessings to you


  • Siliateer:

    Thank you for your kind offer. Anything you can pick up on me would be appreciated. My life has finally come to stand still after months of a VERY long downward spiral in all areas of my life. My DOB is January 8, 1962, 5:05 AM in USA.

  • Dear Silateer

    Welcome back and I hope ur hiatus was smashing. Ur name is very cool I like it.

    And so for something completely different:

    May I ask for a reading insight by you?

    Im a pisces march 10 1972 born

    My issues are:

    Which man, charlie cancerian fireman( june 25 1941) or alden writer libra (oct 4 1937) is for me? ye ye i know of the diff in age LOL

    Relocation in the town i am now or different country?

    how if different country?

    Who helps me relocate?'

    What work / education will I be doing?

    Pregnancy, when

    Who is the dad`?

    Which man do i marry if i marry at all?'

    I say this because i have no prob not marrying if they aint interessted.

    Whats the deal with my oldest friend connor, aries born april 7 1962 Rome Italy?

    Will my back EVER be okay again?

    N last whatever else u see feel get.'

    Thank you so ever much.


  • Lilacrose - Here is your reading. Please, I improve through the feedback I get from others.

    I used a 7 card hexagram to do your reading.

    Card 1: 7 of Pentacles - Your hard work in the past has brought you to this point in your life. Your hard work is paying off.

    Card 2: 6 of Cups - Something about your innocence or childlike attitude is holding you back from achieving what you want.

    Card 3: 8 of Cups - But you are moving on! And your future will be better for it.It is a sign of change, and change for the better. Maybe you are leaving a relationship or a job, or just picking up and going to new places in the world, or within yourself.

    Card 4: The World - Again, I see that you are working towards your goals, and that you have been successful in getting what you want out of life.

    Card 5: 2 of Cups - There was a connection or attraction to someone or something that has held you back in your not to distant past. Perhaps you have been unwelcoming of letting additional people into your life beyond your partner.

    Card 6: King of Wands - among all the water cards in this reading the final outcome is that of fire and action! You will see your way as clear and go in confidence. The path may not be easy, but you don't have to worry - This king is powerful and can make it through the obstacles with confidence and success.

    Card 7: Queen of Pentacles. Significator.

    I hope you like it!


  • Silateer welldone on lilacrose. In essence what i got was lilacrose basically needed to know she is in a good spot and all is well n has progressed as the overall divine plan.

    Again welldone Silateer

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