I would like to do some readings!!

  • OPPS, sorry Nikki its called "LACK OF RESPECT", Now I need a coffee lol

  • Silateer,

    Many thanks. I hope that you had a relaxing vacation.


  • Hi Silateer,

    Any thoughts you may feel would be appreciated. Taurus 5-3-60 and he 8-26-60. Take care,


  • Hi Silateer ,

    what about my reading please dont forget about me ,

    please i need love reading my birthday 19 november1983 at 12 pm i need to know if the man i love he loves me too or not and if he will propose and we will get marry or not please some help here ..................

  • Hi Silateer,

    I hope you haven't missed my reading. my first request is back on page 12, on July 5th. I would GREATLY appreciate your time and opinion on my subject.I am in need of a job....who isint. My husband has asked me for a divorce back in December. I will have no income. We have been married 30 years and together 32.. My BD 5/7/55, His 5/19/55. I am questioning if there is another woman/man in the picture? There was at the begining. What can you tell me?

    I hope to hear from you, Thank & Blessings to you


    Wow! I am happy to see some people asking for ME to do a reading for them!

    I am traveling and visiting family right now, so I have free time throughout the days.

    I want to get to everyone who's posted so far, but I am drawing a line with Moonalisa's request - Sorry, I wish I could read for everyone! 😃

    Love and light to you all!


    PAGE 12

    And for all who have asked for a reading, please know that i did draw a cut-off line a while back. I may give a few readings to people after that point if the request strikes me.

    Thank you all! I hope you are all enjoying this day!


  • Hi Silateer,

    I am on page 10. Would appreciate it igreatly if you have time for one more reading...


  • Geez Silateer,

    I didn’t mean to cause an uprising. I only mentioned it because I was before the cutoff line and I have been following along, waiting patiently.





  • Luvlife, I finally got to do your reading. Sorry for the wait, but a lot of things change for the worse when you're not home for almost 3 weeks! I was busy fixing things here, so I hope you'll forgive me for waiting.

    Here it is:

    Card 1: Root influence - The past: Ace of Pentacles: There was something that brought you financial or material comforts in your recent past. There was luxury and well being.

    Card 2: Present Negative - 5 of Pentacles: There was a loss of that wealth from before. And perhaps there was some hardship for you and your partner.

    Card 3: Present Positive - 2 of Wands: Hard work is bringing you success. You are working well towards a position of strength and wealth.

    Card 4: Recent Past Negative - 4 of Swords: Withdrawal, anxiety or sorrow. Has your relationship been under strain lately?

    Card 5: Recent Past Positive - The World: You have recently been caught in a cycle. This seems to be the end of that. A series of events have come to be, and this closes that chapter in your life for the better.

    Card 6 - Outcome - King of Cups: Is your partner a water sign? Cancer, scorpio or pisces? This may be that person. Wise, calm, caring and tolerant. There is a freedom to grow through the tougher moments in life. Take inspiration in that!

    I used the Queen of Swords as a significator for you.

    Please, let me know if it was helpful.


  • hi i'm on 3 page 🙂

    when you get time .)

  • MM Silateer,

    I am new, here but, something in your photo caught my eye. I then, read your post whereas you had offered to do a 'reading' for some. I was wondering if you might have a moment to light a candle and do a couple of spreads for me, as well?

    If you wish to gather more information about me prior to the reading, please feel free to ask away (or emailing is fine, as well). I thank you, in advance, for your time and energy spent on me with regard to this. It always is nice to have another do our readings, now and then.

    Please, if you do find the time and desire to do this for me...please, let me know what spread and deck you used so that I can be certain to be on the 'same page' as you with regard to their placement and interpretation.



  • Welcome, JustMeLadyE, this thread has been closed for awhile, You might want to start a new thread asking...what you are seeking:)

    There's also a topic for us seeking advice from readers..It helps all of us New people asking for advice and the not so new to remind us hehe.


    Hugs, Sheila

  • For those who desperately feel they need a reading why not try e-bay? The readers here are not paid and can only do so many readings before burning out. The readings on e-bay range anywhere from 3 dollars for one question to 40. Many of the really good ones only charge a few dollars. I have used a few readers through e-bay and found most to be very good. You can read their feedback to decide who you would like to use. There are other ways to get readings than these forums. Yes, you may have to pay for them but really we are very lucky that the generous readers here offer to do free readings at all. Anyway, e-bay is my suggestion if you feel that you need a reading.

  • Thanks so much for the great information. I will check it out

  • Happy to help donnamae92! Let me know how it goes if you decide to try it. Like I said, there are some really good readers there too and I was actually floored by the quality of a few....and they were very reasonably priced especially if you just have one or two questions. Most send their readings within 24 hours. Good luck!


  • Little Miss Love, sorry for the wait. Here is your reading.

    1. The querent's current position: The World (rev) - You are feeling frustration, or delayed in your love life. Lack trust, or fear change. Things are near resolve though.

    2. Why it may be worth staying: Death - This is a sign of change. The end of phase in your relationship is coming and the past has served its purpose to your ends here. These changes will be major, but I think you need to stand up for them and allow things to change, or break the pattern you're stuck in, that I see in the previous card.

    3. Why it may be worth going: 10 of Swords - You will feel victimized if you leave. Stabbed in the back, and left behind. And so will your partner!

    4. Will the querent be happy if they stay? 2 of Cups - This is the lesser card of the Lovers. Affection and romance, partnership. A resolution of differences and the celebration of that under something greater.

    5. Will the querent be happier if they go: 4 of Swords - Seclusion and isolation. Depression and failure to move ahead.

    6. Overall recommendation. The High Priestess (Rev) - Ok this is telling me that you need to be aware of loosing harmony in this relationship. Don't repress your feminine intuition. Don't repress your feelings in this relationship, and look deeper than the surface and you will find what you are looking for.

  • Hi silateer:

    do you forgot about my reading ?

    please reply me sooner

  • IGoHumble… Here is your reading.

    1. Why did you choose this path? 9 of Pentacles (rev): You have gotten on this path because you have been false in your dealings with people. You have given the airs of being successful and affluent. This is also a sign that you were looking for stability but it isn't coming true for you.

    2. Are you on the correct path? Justice (rev):There is some confusion with legal or money issues. Perhaps you have been waiting for a ruling or acceptance from others on whether or not you are doing the right thing

    3. What is the main obstacle facing you? The Star: You need to hope! The stars are where mankind has always looked for answers. Broaden your horizons, and have faith in yourself to do what is rig! Be inspired by the things around.

    4. What is helping you? 10 of Cups: You have good people around you. And the environment is right for you accomplish your goals.

    5. How can I continue making progress? 3 of cups - Conceive your goals out of love! Celebrate them and trust that the harmony you find in yourself will lead you to your purpose. Heal the hurts you may have caused in the past to others.

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